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Monitoring Bee Behavior with a Raspberry Pi

by ShawnSmall | September 19, 2020 04:02 19 Sep 04:02 | #24604 | #24604

I am a new Public Lab user and I am here to share my newest research endeavor: studying bees with a raspberry pi. I am conducting thesis research for my undergraduate studies, and like some of my peers, I want to share my research with Public Lab users. I am studying sound production and activity patterns in Xylocopa virginica - the eastern carpenter bee. The plan thus far is to set up transducers and a camera outside of an eastern carpenter bee gallery. The transducers will record sound coming from inside the gallery and the camera will record the gallery entrance. All of my data will be recorded with a raspberry pi. Ideally, if my data collection methodology works, then the gallery will be monitored long after I graduate, with the goals of describing the behavior of an understudied bee species. I am looking forward to sharing my progress with all of you in the coming months.


@shawnsmall this sounds like a super fun project! Gotta love the pollinators. As you continue with your research, please share your process and findings with us here! We'd love to see them, take a look at how to start a project page here:

Hello @amocorro, I took your advice and created a project page! My plan is to post one update each week as my work continues.

@ShawnSmall this is fantastic news! I will head over to check the new project page out :)

Also just for fun, do you follow the native bee lab of USGS? Sam Droege is one of my mentors, great guy! And I bet he has some lovely photos of the eastern carpenter bee. I am pretty sure they're open access too! Check out more here:

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