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Balloon Mapping with Raspberry Pi Workshop

by seankmcginnis | November 06, 2014 14:29 06 Nov 14:29 | #11319 | #11319

On October 18th, a Balloon Mapping and Raspberry Pi workshop was held at The Hacktory in Philadelphia,


Generous donations from Rackspace and Public Lab provided a Raspberry Pi and Balloon Mapping Kit to be given to The Hacktory for people in the Philadelphia area to begin building their own sensor platform and capture their own aerial images.

There were 15 people in attendance and we covered a number of different topics including:

  • Grassroots Mapping and its origin from the Deep Water Horizon spill event
  • Different scenarios where balloon/kite/pole mapping have been employed
  • Flight platforms
  • Camera Housings
  • Cameras
  • Raspberry Pi as a sensor platform
  • Examples to build your own Raspberry Pi Camera system
  • Methods to communicate with the device in the field
  • Projects in Development:
    • 3D Printed Camera Housings
    • Open Computer Vision
    • GPS tagging of image headers
  • First flight considerations

The slide deck is available here.

Links to reference information:


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