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Oil test kit Beta

by ronhuber | September 17, 2015 08:13 17 Sep 08:13 | #12219 | #12219

Oil Testing Kit - Public Beta Program

The Unboxing



The Assembled from 2 vantage points



Questions and next steps: I have some doubts we've folded this quite correctly. The final version needs some visible coding of tabs and slots in the paper.

Why I'm interested. Lots of oily places around Penobscot Bay, which like the rest of US began in the 1920s to take note of petroleum spills and leaks as a serious challenge to nature . See several short reports of that era by the US Commssioner of Fisheries

1921 Danger to Fisheries from Oil and Tar Pollution of Waters 1921 Danger to Fisheries frm Oil &Tar Pollution of Waters. Original typeface 1923 Pollution of Waters. US Commissioner of Fisheries pg 23



Hi guys, Liz Barry suggested me to contact you. I am an artist working on a "toolbox for bioremediation" This is part of my larger international project Manuals for Public Space. Earlier this year we did a balloon mapping project together with the PL and Newtown Creek Alliance. Right now this project is part of Art in Odd Places Festival at the 14th street. I would be very happy if we could do a workshop using your soil testing kit on Oct. 11th. I talked to Liz and she suggested to ask you if I could borrow a kit from you. Of course I will announce PL and your group as partners and lot of people (even internationally) will get the opportunity to see that. Please let me know if you are interested, and if it would be possible to borrow the kit! Thank you so much! :-) image.jpg

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Ron, there are a few tabs that aren't held together. I put some notes on your image:


here's a closeup: flaps

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