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About me

Name: Ninsiima Susan


Location: Uganda (Kampala)

Project description

Refine Geographic UI and JS Integration for

Abstract/summary (<20 words):

Refine existing geographical features so that they are consistent and user-friendly.


The problems to be addressed are as follows

- Users on should be prompted to add geographical location. Therefore it should be obvious whether or where the user should add a geographical location.

The website should state the safety of the user after adding their location

It should be clear as to why the user is adding their location.

Pages like __ should persist geographic tags when something is posted from that page

There should be consistency in geographical tags to buttons related to a specific post

Users should be able to embed a map on a wiki page or when posting a question.

When viewing a map, it should be possible to embed that map on other pages



[To Do, add screenshots and timeline]


I need guidance from project mentors, the public community and any online documentation.

First-time contribution

Issues I created

Pull requests that I made


I studied software engineering, however, my cording career started after attending a Women in Technology program which ignited my spirit and I knew I could also make it in this field. However, even before that, I used to develop webpages in plain HTML and CSS or Wordpress. some of the work I have done is listed below. and other work is on and

Experience Acquired through the different projects;

use of version control systems,

materialized CSS, boostrap, Html, CSS, javascript, python, react, redux and node js


I have collaborated on a number of different projects through university, Andela women in technology program and MatatuHub. In some projects, I was just learning the basics of using version control systems while others I was performing different tasks as shown below. and ```

I worked along side my project cordinator for guidlines and other cycle 5 members to create a news comandline ApI. ```

its a commandline app that returns top 10 news headlines from the selected news source. My duties were to create tasks on the trello board and build the Api Team of 2. Bank account app. That enables a user to open an account and ```

perfome different tasks like withdraw, checking balance and others. ``` A website for bumufoundation. It is developed using HTML, bootstrap and css.
Ateam of 3. my role was to develope the UI and accoplish different tasks alocated to me


I am passionate about technology and helping people who are in need. And since public lab addresses natural disasters that affect people of all backgrounds, I am very interested in being part of such a great cause that helps others live a better life.


_My target audience is every individual that has access to public Lab. I want them to be able to utilize this application's functionality fully and with great ease. As the implementation will make public lab more user-friendly. _



Hello @Reenesa Glad to see your proposal in the initial stage. It will be superb if you can add details and ask mentors to review your proposal. Best of luck Sidharth

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