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Lavender in full bloom

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I am attempting to use the HSV color wheel for actual NDVI.

Here is one of the images that I processed on PL.

Will this work as an actual NDVI image? I am looking for a LUTs for this image. The color wheel is enormous, and I have probably overlooked the proper way to scale this.

I have many images that i would like to use HSV function on PL. Some people have had problems with HSV, based on posts, but it seems to work well for my purpose of gathering NIR with a MOBIUS, using a red filter. Thoughts?


These are some good questions. We started to abandon basic HSV because it "wraps around" -- high values and low values are both "red" -- but if you cut out the "magenta" portion of the wheel, it works a bit better. But it wasn't as straightforward as we'd hoped, so lots of people have begun to focus on custom LUTs, like @cfastie (who is traveling at the moment, I believe). Can you link to some of your images on Infragram?

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