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Centerville, the town at the crest of the Richest Hill on Earth

by Paddy | April 15, 2016 14:55 15 Apr 14:55 | #12984 | #12984

What I want to do: Record the history from 1866 when the first people were recorded in Centerville through the present.

My attempt and results: The plat for the town of Centerville was laid out in 1881, the same year that Silver Bow County was established. I found that Centerville had 3 three different Hotels, several grocery stores, dozens of bars/saloons, three churches, three schools and dozens of businesses.

Questions and next steps: Looking for pictures and advertisements of Centerville.

Why I'm interested: The history of the 3 towns in the suburbs of Butte- Walkerville, Meaderville and Centerville should be fully recorded as well as all the neighborhoods. It is only then that the full history of Silver Bow County will be complete.


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