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Testing The PH of Soil using different liquids

by Nature_babes | February 19, 2021 17:25 19 Feb 17:25 | #25741 | #25741

Materials List:

  1. 6 of the same plant.
  2. soil.
  3. 6 different types of water.
  4. Grow light.
  5. Ph strips.
  6. labels for plants and water.
  7. Plates to sit plants in.

Step 1: Get 6 of the same plants with the same soils.

Step 2: Get 6 different types of liquids (distilled water, bayou water, salt water, vinegar water, baking soda water, and tap water).

Step 3: Water all plants with treated water (40 mL) and test the original pH of the soil.

Step 4: Wait 20 minutes and then pour different liquids into different plants.

Step 5: Water and observe how the PH of the soil changed once a week for 6 weeks.

Step 6: Keep a tab of your results and compare.

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