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Building The Community Microscope Kit

by Jayla_Ezidore | April 30, 2021 18:23 30 Apr 18:23 | #26422 | #26422

Yesterday, my class and I learned how to build an at home Microscope. The materials we used were a webcam, 2 microscope stages, a gooseneck USB, 3 bolts, 9 wingnuts, 9 washers, 2 rubber bands, and a piece of double sided piece tape. It was kind of difficult, but we had help. While building it we made several mistakes. The mistakes we made was that we placed the 2 microscope stages the wrong way. But eventually we were able to put it together correctly. Unfortunately, we were not able to connect to webcam to the iPad that we were using, but in the end this project was fun.


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