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Trieste Next 2015 - Balloon Mapping

by Giovanni | September 24, 2015 11:16 24 Sep 11:16 | #12240 | #12240

In Trieste (Northeast of Italy) this weekend (2015, 24-26 september) there is a scientific manifestation named Trieste Next (http://triestenext.veneziepost.it/).

We partecipate with a conference about Balloon Mapping the activities carried out last year (2014): we discuss about the evolution of balloon activities (also comparing with UAV technologies) and we present our main results regarding how the people move into the square. http://triestenext.veneziepost.it/planner/agenda/detailhttp://triestenext.veneziepost.it/planner/agenda/detail/758_balloon_mapping_per_lorganizzazione_di_eventi_culturali_i_risultati_di_trieste_next_2014/

Besides, also this year we collect data about the presences in the square during the event. http://triestenext.veneziepost.it/stories/universita_di_trieste/50104_spazio_19__balloon_mapping_un_metodo_per_verificare_le_presenze_alle_manifestazioni_di_piazza/#.VgPaQ30assg


Beautiful balloon photo!

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