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Conductivity Results, Group 1 EmersonDataViz

by ElizabethGillis | October 01, 2014 15:55 01 Oct 15:55 | #11221 | #11221

Group 1: Elizabeth Gillis and Amanda Gomez

We collected samples from Mystic River, the Cambridgeside Galleria fountain and at 2 locations at Chestnut Hill Reservoir. Our predictions are here.

**On Conqui water conductivity tester could not register the high conductivity of Sample B, Mystic River, so it has an extra capacitor. If comparing to other groups in the class (with the exception of one other group that used the capacitor), be aware that the frequencies are lower. These are our results:

Sample A (Group 1): Cambridgeside Galleria


Sample B (Group 1): Mystic River


Sample C (Group 1): Chestnut Hill Reservoir


Sample D (Group 1): Chestnut Hill Reservoir


Conclusions: The highest frequency was Mystic River (B), meaning it was the most conductive. Then, there was a large gap, with the fountain sample (A) coming in as the second most conductive. Chestnut Hill Reservoir was the lowest of our samples, meaning it probably has the least amount of dissolved solids in the water source. The Chestnut Hill samples are separated into C and D however because one sample is taken from an algae-rich area of the water. It was the color of Gatorade. The other sample was taken from a shady, clearer area. Upon closer examination, a difference in frequency might be detected between the 2.

Next Steps: Our next questions would be to look at the different ways these water sources are maintained. Mystic River, for example has a history of recorded bad water quality. How are city, state and federal entities dealing with this? What is being done on a community level? Our inquiries are still out about fountain maintenance. How does the conductivity of the fountain when on compare to the winter months when it is turned off? How does it compare to the water flowing in from the Lechmere Canal, the Charles River at the mouth of the Canal, and the water coming through the pipes to be shot out the fountain? For the Reservoir, what is down to keep dissolved solids out of the water? Is the presence of algae a threat or a sign of the low conductivity?


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