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Public Lab Research note

Learning To Build a Microscope

by AmariFiffie new contributor | April 30, 2021 18:37 30 Apr 18:37 | #26428 | #26428

I learned to build a microscope using stuff you can get at your local store. To build this at-home microscope you need cardboard, 2 rubber-bands, webcam, two microscope stages, gooseneck USB, three bolts, 9 wingnuts, 9 washers, and double sided tape. When we was doing this experiment, we had a few mess ups pertaining to where we put the webcam and the USB connecting to our iPad to see if the microscope worked. It was stressful because we didn't succeed and get to see in our microscope. But, it was a fun learning experience and I would love to try it again!


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