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GSoC proposal: Social Media Integration

by 500swapnil |

About me

Name : Swapnil Gupta

Email :

Affiliation : International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad - 500032

Github :

LinkedIn :

Location: Hyderabad, India

Project Title: Social media Integration

Gitter: 500swapnil

Project description

Social media is the most powerful tool for spreading awareness today. So a good way of making the experience on PublicLab easier would be integrating popular forms of commonly used social media onto the website. We've already begun work on the OAuth user login so people can log in via Facebook, Twitter. Before the summer, I would have helped integrate Google account Login as well. This project would focus on help creating interface, tests, and integration with the profile tagging system to link accounts with the OAuth originating account.

People are increasingly engaging with Public Lab community and questions via Twitter or Facebook. As an extension to this project, I would like to prototype and test out a means for posts on to be tweeted (this already happens via, but could be improved) and then (the hard part) for responses to those tweets to be shown on the original post automatically. I would achieve this with each response being a comment with an embedded tweet, so that the original author is notified. The text of the tweet could be saved in our database as part of the comment, and therefore be searchable, this would be my ultimate goal.

Abstract/summary (<20 words):


Lack of social media integration on the website which reduces the user friendliness of PublicLab.


Will be updating this soon!


I don't have any special requirements. Just need the guidance of a mentor and an internet connection.


I have already forked and set up all the resources needed on my local machine. The link to the repo is:


I have learned and have experience in Django, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Python, C, C++ through the various projects I've worked on and through college courses/assignments.

Other than publiclab, there are some open source projects I've contributed to like: (Now archived)

Here are some of my PR's for PublicLab:


I have worked on creating the Entrepreneurship-cell Website of our college with many other members. I am comfortable interacting with other team members and mingling with new people. I have also worked on numerous other college projects with fellow students. These experiences have given me the confidence to ask the silliest questions without any hesitation.


As a small part of the community, I feel we should all do our part in contributing to the betterment of the environment and society. It's difficult to find such opportunities frequently. This platform helps me put my skills to good use.


Building on the existing model, I will try and keep my code as well documented and modular as possible making it simpler to make future updates based on new social platforms.


I understand that this project is equivalent to a full time summer job and will put in that level of effort by following the timeline(still working on it) I've proposed.

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@warren Can you review this and let me know what else I can add?

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For sure -- i'm a bit behind right now but will today or tomorrow -- thanks!!!

It'd be great also to link to, and collect ideas from, the relevant milestone: and the associated planning issue if there is one! Thanks!

@warren Yeah. I'll add a few more tasks from that milestone!

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