Title Author Updated Likes Comments
Make or buy a balloon mapping kit @liz about 3 years ago 0
Choose a way to make your camera take pictures continuously @liz about 3 years ago 4
Host a balloon mapping workshop @liz about 3 years ago 1
Stitching Images into Maps with MapKnitter @warren about 3 years ago 0
How to decide on a tool for mapping @stevie about 1 year ago 1
Analyzing Thacher Insulation: an Aerial Thermal Mapping Project @NIKIBOPOLOUS almost 3 years ago 0
Choose a camera for aerial photography @liz about 3 years ago 2
Calculate how much helium you'll need to lift your camera @liz about 3 years ago 0
Add GPS logging to a Saturn V Rig @cfastie over 3 years ago 1
PET Bottle & Rubber Band Rig @mathew over 3 years ago 1
Youth Balloon Mapping Workshop Complete! @mjain26 almost 6 years ago 2
Make a $25 minimal-helium balloon mapping rig @natevw almost 6 years ago 8
Mapping 10km2 @gonzoearth about 6 years ago 6
super simple KAP mount with small tripod and velcro strap @gonzoearth almost 7 years ago 2
Selecting Kite Flight Launch Sites in Centerville @Olivia over 7 years ago 1
Use a rubber band and knotted string to trigger a camera @mathew over 8 years ago 2
Efficiently sort images with Finder & Preview (Mac) @mathew over 8 years ago 0
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