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Getting started

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Welcome to the Public Lab research community

By registering, you've joined a diverse group of community researchers and tapped into a lot of grassroots expertise. We're excited to have your contributions! Feel free to introduce yourself and reach out to others in the community for collaborations or advice.

Mailing lists

These open discussion lists are a great place to float ideas, ask questions, offer help, and find collaborators.

  • is a general civic science community mailing list. Just email here if you aren't sure what to do!
  • Also see our other mailing lists, which include local event lists, tools lists (like balloon mapping or spectroscopy), and those for working groups.

Using and contributing to

The Public Lab website is where our community is developing open-source documentation and literature around our DIY civic science research.

Posting research notes

Research notes are the easiest and best way to share (i.e. open source) your work in a more permanent form. Post a research note about your work to solicit input, publish tests or prototypes, ask questions, or just to keep track of links and research documents.

Post a research note »

Editing the wiki

Wiki pages are collaborative web pages, and are a good way to add to our growing body of open source science documentation. To make one, visit: Tips for adding images can be found here.

You can also edit any wiki page by clicking the "Edit" tab above the title. You'll only be able to see this tab if you are logged in.

Here's our overall sitemap. Here's a list of useful pages in this site. Welcome!

The Public Lab research community

Below is a rough diagram of the community; also see:

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