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Fixed wing over Cocodrie

by cfastie | about 17 hours ago | 4 | 217 views | 1

Charles Malveaux brought a very big model airplane to the Public Lab Barnraising last week, and p...

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near-infrared-camera image-stitching louisiana barnraising

Building a pavement quality sensor for a bicycle, use data to create maps

by laurenrae | about 21 hours ago | 0 | 145 views | 2

What I want to do During the barn raising, I talked to a few people about an older, low-tech com...

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grassrootsmapping remote-sensing arduino sensing

Question: How much is the total cost?

by emilabraham | 1 day ago | 0 | 85 views | 0

What I want to do or know How much is the total cost? And where can I find the parts cheapest? ...

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A DIY gas-finding camera?

by mathew | 1 day ago | 7 | 343 views | 1

What I want to do Explore whether its possible to make a camera that can see VOCs, like the very...

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infrared camera

All Barnraising Tweets

by cfastie | 1 day ago | 0 | 48 views | 0

This is the default Storify template which includes tweets with and without photos. [View the st...

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gulf-coast kite-mapping louisiana cocodrie

Barnraising Tweets

by cfastie | 1 day ago | 0 | 72 views | 0

This Storify template seems to include only the tweets with photos. See here for all the tweets. ...

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kite-mapping louisiana cocodrie barnraising

Dreaming of sensitive friends

by warren | 1 day ago | 0 | 170 views | 3

I took these portraits in a session at the open water workshop at Propeller, in New Orleans, toni...

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gulf-coast workshop sensing water-quality

Toward calibrating H2S sensors.

by JSummers | 2 days ago | 1 | 148 views | 3

What I want to do Up front, I want to make clear that we have not gotten down the road very far ...

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hydrogen-sulfide-sensing calibration hydrogen-sulfide h2s

First draft on architecture of Sensor plugins, Reservoir plugins, and Pipes for the Open Pipe Kit

by rjstatic | 3 days ago | 4 | 203 views | 2

What I want to do In the first phase of the Open Pipe Kit development we'll build the engine of ...

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The sensor is gathering data!

by epongrat | 3 days ago | 2 | 158 views | 2

What I want to do I want to measure ozone and NO2 in the air at two high schools in Springfield....

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air-quality publiclab-at-umass