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Earth Journalism Network Kite Mapping Workshop

by Willie | about 5 hours ago | 0 | 56 views | 0

Event details Just across the water from the richest country in California is Richmond, a hot sp...

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event norcal

Mobius white balance

by cfastie | about 19 hours ago | 0 | 193 views | 1

Above: Wratten 25A Infragram of Hedwigia ciliata taken with a modified Mobius ActionCam and Filte...

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infrared led frosted-globe white-balance

Open-Lux:: REV-Q! (REV Q. Seriously?) Now with a UV sensor. That's useful for stuff, right?

by donblair | about 19 hours ago | 0 | 108 views | 1

What I want to do Jeff had asked: does the Open-Lux design allow for multiple configurations, s...

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Meter Stick REVA: Lights, Buzzers, Particulate Matter ... oh, my!

by donblair | 1 day ago | 11 | 67 views | 0

What I want to do There'd been a discussion recently (see the comment thread here) about interfa...

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Successful Thermal Fishing Bob Maps!

by Sara | 2 days ago | 0 | 177 views | 1

What I want to do I wanted to work with my undergrad courses at Northeastern this semester to fu...

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thermal-photography thermal fishing bob

NIR and white balance

by cfastie | 2 days ago | 1 | 156 views | 0

Above: An LED which emits only near infrared light around 850 nm photographed under normal room l...

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infrared led frosted-globe white-balance

Delta St John: continued plantings

by eustatic | 2 days ago | 6 | 196 views | 1

A simple mapping update to the wetlands at the mouth of Bayou St John, for the Biodiversity witho...

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kite-mapping gulf-coast eustatic dredgefestla

Hope in Bloom in the Southside of Williamsburg!

by AnushaV | 2 days ago | 1 | 147 views | 2

On Tuesday, April 29th, El Puente's Green Light District, local high school students, community r...

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balloon-mapping event new-york-city

Mobius IR conversion

by cfastie | 2 days ago | 2 | 178 views | 2

Above: The Mobius ActionCam opens with two screws. One more set screw and you can expose the IR f...

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infrared mobius-actioncam infragram near-infrared-camera

Frac Sand mining- polar light microscopy?

by mathew | 3 days ago | 2 | 175 views | 0

This image is from Wisconsin Watch With the increase in fracking comes a demand for sand used to...

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silica frac-sand particulate-sensing pm