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How can we adjust the volume of the coqui? @liz about 1 year ago 7
How can we adjust the frequency of the coqui? @liz about 1 year ago 4
Can anyone tell what is wrong with my coqui? @stevie 10 months ago 14
DIY Salinity Measurements with Coqui and/or Multimeter? @Bronwen 11 months ago 3
Can we use a guitar tuning app to get numeric data from the Coqui water sensor? @warren 11 months ago 3
Could we just use the PWM feature of an Arduino to generate the 50% duty cycle we need for the Coqui or for a water conductivity meter? @roberts_ecofarm about 1 year ago 1
Will this single timer work for the coqui? @asnow over 1 year ago 5
How much are Coqui measurements affected by hot/cold water? @warren over 5 years ago 16
Accessible procedure for calibrating conductivity measurements? @donblair over 5 years ago 3

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