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What's the best way to attach a camera to a balloon? @warren about 2 years ago
Which is the wind speed range (maximum) when mapping with balloon? @edugil over 1 year ago
How long does an inflated neoprene balloon last? Mylar balloons better for summer camp? @pfhs about 1 year ago
How much helium do you need to fill a balloon in the regular balloon mapping kits? @stevie 2 months ago
How many regular ~1 foot balloons does it take to lift a camera? @warren 28 days ago
Hello everyone, what is the weight, the baloon in the baloon mapping kit may lift? @Nubu about 1 month ago
What's the best way of estimating the altitude of your balloon when mapping? @molangmuir10 about 2 months ago
Is there a way to use ground-proximity data to do terrain mapping via kite/balloon mapping? @mimiss 2 months ago
balloon and kite mapping @pataxte 3 months ago
Video describing basics of launching regular/mini balloon kits? @pfhs about 1 year ago
Kite altitude question @Ag8n over 1 year ago
Helium alternative @mrw0116 over 1 year ago
Helium Cylinder (15 Litre) Mobius Action Camera Balloon mapping Kit How long will my cylinder last? @suman almost 2 years ago
Cheap, lightweight GoPro alternatives for aerial mapping? @warren about 2 years ago
Size of aerial imagery from balloons and kites @Morgan over 2 years ago
lightweight air quality sensors for a weather balloon @glenc almost 3 years ago
Has anyone tried a dashboard camera for timelapse or aerial mapping? @warren almost 3 years ago
Question: Possible to get 3D map from balloon mapping? @bnjmnph almost 4 years ago
Question: Do you guys retract the kite / balloon line manually? @madapeti over 4 years ago
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