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How can I make IR photos derived from various cutoff useful for creating NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) images? @lev29 new contributor 4 days ago 8
How to do the white-balancing for the RED filter? @xmv79667 new contributor 20 days ago 1
Feasibility-check: NDVI analysis of moss @zomb23 2 months ago 3
Bad NDVI Results from Pi NOIR with Blue Filter @nstarli 4 months ago 6
How to design a camera for calculating ENDVI. @nickyshen0306 4 months ago 5
Need help to reduce the Blue in mobius point and shoot camera @Muneeswaran 5 months ago 6
What is the working principle of Blue/Red filter @nickyshen0306 5 months ago 2
How do I take root and hypocotyl pictures for plant without light influence @Xing 5 months ago 2
I just gotten my newly purchased Infragram Pi Camera, my pi.local is blank and pi.local/Cam keeps popping up message "Error in RaspiMJPEG" hence I do not get any live video feed. Anyone can help? @willieong 7 months ago 1
AWB_Gains for PiNoIRCamera V2 (Red Filter) @kauemv2 8 months ago 2
Should I use two sheets of filter? @kauemv2 8 months ago 4
How to calibrate the white-balance for NDVI using the BLUE filter? @cagiva about 1 year ago 4
I am getting very low NDVI values. @Anice about 1 year ago 4
Infragram Point and shoot photos: white balance not working @Muneeswaran about 1 year ago 0
Need insight on using this lens on modded camera for NDVI: OCN (Orange+Cyan+NIR) filter @alanw over 1 year ago 3
Best low cost camera for indoor plants? @DrC over 1 year ago 4
Is it possible to calculate average NDVI in a picture using infragram's sand box? @Hala73 over 1 year ago 6
Problem with filter for Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera @sjmanosalvas almost 2 years ago 1
Why do the plant colors look the way they do? @jenhu almost 2 years ago 1
Which RGB channel is the near-infrared saved in for the red and blue filter? @jenhu almost 2 years ago 1
Camera module for Computer Vision/LED Plant Measurement System @SangHo almost 2 years ago 2
600 year old cedar tree - Infragram @Randall almost 2 years ago 8
How can I can make a raspberry pi camera just with the filters process the crops and immediately produce the results to a computer or to other device, without having to use the website? @csteran almost 2 years ago 16
How to make this picture in an NDVI image @Davide_Ferrante almost 2 years ago 3
Add a filter on a Pi NoIR camera @fsxskillz almost 2 years ago 2
How can I validate the NDVI images @Aman007 almost 2 years ago 0
buying Infragram filter pack in UK @ruya almost 2 years ago 1
How to get NDVI image by image src instead of choosing image ? @Ankita almost 2 years ago 1
Can these filter packages be adapted to Raspberry Pi cameras? @sjmanosalvas almost 2 years ago 3
Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index (VARI) @rway about 2 years ago 0
Camera that would detect at 1064nm? @jpschaaf about 2 years ago 2
Can Infragrams be used to count coconuts/crop productivity? @James_Vagabond about 2 years ago 1
How can I have a value of NDVI starting from a IR picture? I want to find a numeric value of NDVI in pictures teken with a normal camera without IR filter. is it possible? @giuliooooo about 2 years ago 1
Can I use a Raspberry Pi with the Pi Noir camera to make NDVI images? @warren about 2 years ago 2
How big is the filter in the infragram DIY filter pack? @robotfarms over 2 years ago 3
I need a help I'm doing a research project on NVDI processes @camiloreyes over 2 years ago 1
AstroPlant RPi sensory system @Sidney_AstroPlant over 2 years ago 10
"Test images" for multispectral image processing @warren over 2 years ago 6
Transmission & other related information of the Red Filter @suman over 2 years ago 3
What is the algorithm used in generating the fastie colormap from NDVI in Infragram? @Jtaw almost 3 years ago 6
Can I use any red filter for capturing NIR light? @sujayj almost 3 years ago 2
I would like to know why near infared imaging works, and what it does. @kiramac almost 3 years ago 1
GoPro Hero HD first version- Making full spectrum( Removing IR filter) @suman about 3 years ago 7
Can you process multiple images at the same time? @JonathanM32 about 3 years ago 3
PublicLab Mobius calibration @dbehr about 3 years ago 2
Video Infragram @jfd about 3 years ago 5
Query about Infragram DIY Filter Pack ( blue & red filter) @suman about 3 years ago 3
Question infragram kit @marfisistemidroni about 3 years ago 5
What is the ideal white balance for the Infragam Point and Shoot? @abdul about 3 years ago 1
Can anyone help me troubleshoot my NDVI imagery? @abdul over 3 years ago 6
How to process images using a mobius with an IR lens? @miguel_rosas over 3 years ago 1
MobiusActionCam vs S100 @ashwinvasudevan over 3 years ago 5
what are the requirements of a camera for Filter replacement and NDVI imaging? @Ajith_Kumar over 3 years ago 3
loading the proper camera driver for the DSK webcam @Winter over 3 years ago 3
Correct Config. File & Trobule shooting2 @will123 over 3 years ago 1
Don't know how to use DIY Plant Analysis Webcam @Barabba33 over 3 years ago 2
Infragram Point and Shoot Plant Cam @alexrfholland over 3 years ago 3
Question: Infragram point & shoot image @ino over 3 years ago 2
How can one Infragram photo produce different NDVI results? @cfastie about 4 years ago 7
Question: how to calculate NDVI @rajsan1108 over 4 years ago 1
What is the correct interpretation for the NDVI infragram color scale? @DuvTorres over 4 years ago 4
Modified camera with 25A red filter - NDVI needs calibration- Any Ideas? @Tbtouaki over 5 years ago 6
First Infragram cam trials - Primeros ensayos con cámaras Infragram @ivalethia over 5 years ago 9
Question: retrieving true color image from infragram images @brooksdr over 5 years ago 4
Will Infragram help with Indoor Hydroponics/Aquaponics? @ajawitz about 6 years ago 4
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