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Split DVD – which part to use for spectrometer @Nelari 8 months ago 5
Can you give me measure for spectrum? Thank you. @Skorex 9 months ago 3
Can I get a file of numbers instead of a graph from the foldable spectrometer software? @mountevans almost 2 years ago 4
Do I need to use a DVD-R? Will a CD-R work too? @jordankc about 2 years ago 2
Paper for printing @G33K4P00RV4 about 2 years ago 5
Noise when Trying to Analyze Spectrum @matthart610 about 2 years ago 1
Can I use a Diffraction Grating Slide Holographic 1000 lines/mm instead of the CD? @oglezsa about 2 years ago 3
What's an easy way to compare two liquid samples with a spectrometer? @warren over 2 years ago 8

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