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Hello and welcome the Public Lab Wisconsin page! Currently, people in this area communicate on the Public Lab Midwest google group. Join us there! Or get updates on Public Lab from this region by following the tag "Midwest"

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The Frac Sand Issue Frac Sand is the material that is used in hydrologic fracturing to inject into wells that allows oil and gas to be pumped to the surface. Wisconsin currently holds 75% of the frac sand market in the entire United States (Conservation Voters). The practice of mining sand has plagued Wisconsin with many environmental problems! Learn more about Frac Sand Mining on this post.

Project and Updates

Below is a list of some of the recent projects people have worked on in this region:

Title Author Updated Likes
Event: Wisconsin Sand Sentinel Training @stevie about 2 months ago
Draft Sand Sentinel Program @stevie 5 months ago
Event: Frac Sand Mining Health Research Public Forum @stevie 6 months ago
What constitutes transit violations in Wisconsin? @kamau19 6 months ago
What constitutes an air quality violation in Wisconsin? @stevie 6 months ago
Frac Sand Sentinel Fellowship @stevie 9 months ago
What happens when the mining stops? Focus on Reclamation @mlamadrid 9 months ago
History of Community Air Monitoring in Western Wisconsin @mlamadrid 10 months ago
Why are the PM10 particles of the Purpleair monitor biased so high? @Cbarnes9 11 months ago
Notes from Tuesday’s frac sand call @stevie about 1 year ago
Recent conversations on the frac sand issue @stevie about 1 year ago
New documentary: Promise in the Sand @stevie over 1 year ago
Report: Particle Visualization Event @stevie over 1 year ago
Particle Visualization Event in Hixton, WI @gretchengehrke over 1 year ago
Practicing a PM hotspot survey in New Auburn, WI @mathew over 2 years ago
Mary Dougherty's guidelines for submitting pollution photos to the Wisconsin DNR @mathew over 2 years ago
UWEC air quality monitoring @bkleist over 2 years ago
Frac sand hotspot testing and site survey @stevie over 2 years ago
Can the New Auburn, WI Recreation Area be used to identify downwind dust from Great Northern Sand? @mathew over 2 years ago
Can PM4 be monitored with the MiniVol? @mathew over 2 years ago
What procedure is best to determine background airborne silica levels? @mathew over 2 years ago
Air Quality Monitoring at UWEC @bkleist over 2 years ago
A month in the field and nothing to show @bkleist almost 3 years ago
Silica (frac) Sand Research @bkleist about 3 years ago
Documenting Runoff with Photography @mlamadrid about 3 years ago
Local Knowledge and Aerial Imagery @mlamadrid about 3 years ago
Using Photographs in Fighting Mining Companies @mlamadrid about 3 years ago
Interview with Pat Popple @mlamadrid about 3 years ago
Report out: Eau Claire event @stevie over 3 years ago
Event in Eau Claire, WI @stevie over 3 years ago
Gather and analyze long term solar and wind data for my locale @wjw over 3 years ago
Frac Sand Mining: The community fight @stevie over 3 years ago
A proposal for a way to remediate indoor silica dust @marlokeno over 3 years ago
Passive Particle Monitor Deployments: feedback @mathew over 3 years ago
Deploying Passive Particle Monitors @mathew almost 4 years ago
Photo Documentation of Turbid Waters for Advocacy @gretchengehrke about 4 years ago
Replicating a Passive Dust Monitor & Method @mathew about 4 years ago
Mapping in Crawford County, WI @stevie about 4 years ago
Frac Sand Tools for Action: Event report out @stevie about 4 years ago
Frac Sand Tools for Action Event! @stevie about 4 years ago
Evaluating low-cost optical dust sensors @mathew over 4 years ago
The DustHack Report @stevie almost 5 years ago
DustHack Event Menomonie Wisconsin ! @stevie almost 5 years ago
Off-wind kite flying & Redstone Rigging in Augusta, WI @mathew about 5 years ago
Dissecting Humidity from Particle Count in Frac Sand Sampling @Jdahlen about 5 years ago
DIY dust monitoring: Dylos in Wisconsin @mathew over 5 years ago
Midwestern Frac Sand Deposits, Aquifers, & Rivers @mathew over 5 years ago
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Here are some links to events that have been hosted in Wisconsin.


Groups working on the Frac Sand issue

Buffalo County Defenders Buffalo County residents who work to preserve their community in the fight against frac sand mining and transloading facilities.

Citizens for Environmental Stewardship a group of citizens residing in the towns of Bridge Creek, Lincoln, Otter Creek, Drammen, Cleveland, and the cities of Augusta and Eau Claire. The group was formed by citizens concern about the onslaught of the frac sand mining industry. The vision of Citizens for Environmental Stewardship is to be an educational group who is willing to research, inform and provide assistance to the public wherever we can in order to promote good stewardship of our environment.

Concerned Chippewa Citizen works to provide information and resources to those fighting the rapidly proliferating Frac Sand Mines and Processing Facilities.

Concerned Citizens of Bridge Creek a group of citizens who came together in February 2012 to share their concerns regarding silica sand mining, which was starting to develop in Bridge Creek.

Crawford Stewardship Project works to protect the environment of Crawford County and neighboring regions from threats of polluting and extractive industries, to promote sustainable land use, environmental justice, and local control of natural resources.

Frac Sand Frisbee A blog about frac sand mining in the Driftless Area of the upper Midwest posting useful information, good ideas, updates on events, and background information about the fast moving frac-sand mining conversation. Geographic focus on the blog is Buffalo County, WI.

Frac Sand Weekly News and Opinions about the Minnesota and Wisconsin Frac Sand Boom, and its Environmental Health Implications. Intended to gather perspectives about a new potential environmental health risk mining, processing, railroading, barging, and trucking its way through Minnesota and Wisconsin. Part of the Environmental Illness Network Minnesota ei Network a community for Minnesotans with environmental sensitivities and the people (and organizations) that care about them.

Hale No to Frac Sand Mining in WI a regional facebook site that posts updates on the fight against Frac Sand Mining.

Penokee Hills Education Project - A project of the Mining Impact Coalition of Wisconsin, Inc.The PHEP has been formed to educate the public about the risks to the Bad River watershed and the Penokee Hills should large scale taconite mining be permitted; share relevant information about the impact of mining on our economy, health, and environment;and connect with citizen led groups locally, statewide, and nationally.

Preserve Trempealeau County Working to preserve and protect the environment and quality of life in Trempealeau County.

Save our Knapp Hills Alliance A group of concerned residents and property owners in (Frac-Sand Mining Concerns in Western Wisconsin - Knapp, Lucas, Menomonie, Stanton, Glenwood City, Downing, Boyceville area) responding to the recent upsurge in silica-sand mining and processing in our area. We are also striving to connect with other local groups researching and raising public awareness about this issue.

Save the Hills Alliance A group dedicated to protecting the natural environment and the long-term health and safety of the community by promoting the ecologically sound use of land and natural resources through public awareness, education and advocacy.

Vally Stewarship Network works to promote a balance between a healthy environment and strong communities in the Kickapoo Valley.

Wisconsin Watch a new source produced by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism that provides insight on the frac sand issue. Their goals are to protect the vulnerable, expose wrongdoings and seek solutions.

Wisconsin Farmer’s Union a member-driven organization, is committed to enhancing the quality of life for family farmers, rural communities, and all people through educational opportunities, cooperative endeavors, and civic engagement.

Groups working on the Frac Sand issue in other states:

Citizens Against Frac Sand Mining (MN) a group of citizens in the City of Winona and in Winona County, Minnesota who are concerned about frac-sand mining and related operations in our region.

Citizens Against Silica Mining - Save the Bluffs (MN) Silica Sand Mining in Hay Creek, Red Wing, Frontenac and Lake City Minnesota

Land Stewardship Project (MN) on organization working to foster an ethic of stewardship for farmland, to promote sustainable agriculture and to develop sustainable communities.

Sand Point Times (MN) Advocating solutions to protect Southeast Minnesota from frac-sand mining.

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