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What Caused the Husband-wife Looks?

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Abstract: There is Husband-wife looks in life, namely couples live together for a long time will tend to have similar features. And now, it has been proved that husband-wife looks isn’t the subjective assume by science, scientists have found the reason behind the phenomena of husband-wife looks.

Scientists point out, living together for a long time will make the different gut microbial ecology environment of couples become similar. And the gut microbes have an effect on characters; behaviors and others of couples in the process of becoming similar gradually. That is to say, characters and habits of both sides tend to be uniform, which lead to the husband-wife looks in return.

Gut microbes, which refer to the intestinal flora, and the number of it is over 10 times than the body's own cells. People’s understanding of gut microbes in the past generally stay in: it can help people digest food, have an important impact on the bodies’ digestion and metabolism of nutrients, etc. But with the in-depth research, people found that microbes in the body also play an important role in the chronic diseases and symptoms of inflammation, obesity, and many others. At the same time, more and more studies have shown that intestinal bacteria may cause cancer, metabolic syndrome and thyroid lesions such diseases by influencing their host signal path.

What affects our gut microbial ecology in the body?

Recently, the international journal Cell host be published a new study results from the University of California, San Francisco and Harvard Peter j. Turnbaugh research group. Researchers found that intestinal flora is affected by diet more than by genotype through observing the inbred line mice, outbreeding group of mice and transgenic mice.

We know that there is a huge difference of intestinal flora composition even if between the same individuals. The difference is mainly caused by different host genotype or by external factors (such as the effects of diet), which is not clear before this experiment. The experiment from the University of California, San Francisco and Harvard Peter j. Turnbaugh team reveals the truth for us.

So how can we change our diet in order to reshape microbes? Dietary fiber, for example, intake from 10 to 15 g to 40 or 50 g each day is likely to see the effect, Pro. Jeff Leach mentioned in his article.

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