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Upon Return

Upon return from your balloon mapping trip, you'll want to:

  • First, select the clearest, most straight down images of your desired area:
    • you can sort them one at a time on your computer, or
    • have multiple people use MapMill to rank each photo as "Really Good," "Just OK," or "Not Useful."
  • Second, use the Knitter or a desktop program like Adobe Photoshop to georectify the images and stitch them into a map.

Uploading the aerial images

At this time we are asking users to post their images either on dropbox, or a similar cloud hosting service. Then email once your transfer is complete and send the download link. We'll add your images to the site and you can start sorting.

It's very helpful if when you submit folders, they are labelled in this format and each set is a single folder containing only JPG images.

Place pictures in a folder (not zipped, please) named with the date, the site name, and your name, like ’2011-8-15-missisippi-longbeach-jeff’_

Create a record of your trip in the GrassrootsMapping Logbook