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Thermal Fishing Bob: PLOTS Boston Toolshed Raising

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Experimental Aim: To make a light map of temperature in a paddling pool using the Thermal Fishing bob

We used the thermal fishing bob prototypes developed at the barnraising and discussed here: We tested taking long exposure pictures with the Thermal Fishing Bob using Glow Doodle .

Set up

To float the bobs we made donuts from pipe insulation, they worked as very effective floaties and stabilizers:


Here is a picture of the paddling pool and computer set up to capture the light streak with glow doodle:


We moved the floating fishing bob around the pool with plastic ribbon:


Method and Results

We first filled the paddling pool with cool water. And moved the thermal fishing bob around which painted the pool with green light. The first two pictures show the results of that test.


We then added one bucket of water at temperature of 97.6. The fishing bob changed to a light yellow color. See picture below.


To create a stronger effect we added two more buckets of 97.6 degree water changing the fishing bob bright red. As the next three pictures show:





Kararinka Sara Don Blair Kate Gradowski

Next Steps:

  1. Making a circuit board for the Thermal Fishing bob circuit
  2. Finding and waterproofing longer thermistors
  3. Making more stable housing
  4. Testing outside in a body of water