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> This page is being migrated to [the new spectrometry page](/wiki/spectrometry) -- with new activities and upgrades for the various versions of this project. Take a look!

Notes on spectrometer by mathew

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Desktop Spectrometer 3.0 parts list /wiki/dsk3 over 4 years ago by warren 3 1,633 4
Desktop Spectrometry Kit 3.0 /wiki/desktop-spectrometry-kit-3-0 almost 2 years ago by warren 77 15,454 15
Spectrometer History /wiki/spectrometer-history about 5 years ago by mathew 4 1,128 0
Foldable Spectrometry Starter Kit /wiki/foldable-spec almost 2 years ago by warren 42 18,498 17

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