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Staff call notes 9 19 2011

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Monday, September 19, 2011


Rio: next phase of contract for 20K - The contract would be 15-20k to support this CEDAPS for this expansion phase to 4 more communities and to advise on the overall standardization of a UNICEF mapping package including grassroots mapping, and the geotagged rich media, and potentially SMS. Deliverables include a guidebook (with 6 sections in the notes document, linked below), and planning next phase of MIT cell phone mapping system (showcasing our basemap as underlays). In terms of what is actually happening on the ground this fall, First up, the community youth leaders plan how to lead the workshops themselves, do start to finish instead of hurrying through image collection.

Full notes:

can we do map stiching locally in Rio? Support from a distance? is this worth our time? we need to be fairly compensated for it...more than last time. how can we price out this next phase? write what is involved and attach hours. institutionalization: why would we support UNICEF to institutionalize our methods? don’t we do this work directly? local non-profit: can they handle it now? can they handle it after this next phase (whether or not if plots gets paid)? language: should we base this on a project that we develop in English language co-branding: considering our license agreement -- anything they publish should have our name on it. take into account: frontline SMS not working with Joe

Mikel’s thoughts:

EDF and Iowa Soybean Association: asked follow up questions on Monday 12 SEP. Sent reminder on Friday the 16th. Adam requests Jeff and Stu to look at the questions and Adam’s responses. Others are obviously welcome to comment, but it’s technical. I don’t really fully understand everything.

Telmex hub - Mexico - Karla Ivon Guillen Lopez ( October 25th and 26th.

  • Two days with 30 university students
  • Day one - shorter day devoted to preparing for image collection and a focus on map making.
  • Day two - data collection and map making.
  • Prize money for geographic apps.
  • Adam has been communicating with her and did email introductions. Adam asked for $1,500 plus expenses for PLOTS.

Battlement (Mesa) Concerned Citizens (wait for Sara) Debrief on H2S/Gas patch (wait for Sara)


  • lodging update
  • attendee updates (please)

Things missed during staff meeting- * how to offload shannon’s insane administrative load - grant writing needs to be led by others. * tool development timeline (short term)


NEH - National Endowment for the Humanities:

17/18 october - Ann Arbor outcomes mtg