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Staff call notes 9 10 2012

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  • Goals: Kickstarter outreach, site mailing list - no really, nail down a Roanoke date for talk Accomp: little


  • Goals: kickstarter outreach, finalization of assembly for 1.5 with amplifier, mailing of GMF through amplifier.
    *Accomplishments: Kickstarter assembly mailout + all items in amplifier store, Revision of GMF pages on Wiki, kickstarter outreach, bringing in OHAB, PSAS to Mini Maker Faire PDX Note: Will be in La Pine Oregon on Thursday afternoon/friday morning, Mini Maker Faire Friday Saturday, @ XOXO saturday night with Kickstarter folks.


  • Done - KS, outreach, KS reward building, SpectralWorkbench work (and engagement) *Goals - Kickstarter to 100k, get on 4 major blogs, outreach to old KS backers, cheerlead barnraising with whole PLOTS community a bit, server restructuring (new archival server setup, colocation), build steampunk spec


  • Vacation


  • Goals: Working on board meeting materials, barn raising material together for send out, blurb for Knight Fdn., Knight news local meeting, page for Ola, SciStarter interview
  • Accomplishments: Barn raising and staff meeting planning, posting tools on SciStarter page, meeting w/ Knight folks



  • Stewart workers comp
  • Please get requested info to Shannon for HR package
  • Travel update for Knight - extra 10K - write as sponsorship through DCA - we buy our ticket for barnraising and send Shannon receipt.
  • Look at BR budget- I think we can dedicate to paying for food for everyone. Potential sponsorship of housing.
  • Who is outreaching to whom - send e-mail to Jeff
  • Kickstarter? Kickstarter as our development assistance...
  • future kickstarters (jeff) selling dogs
  • barnraising session on kickstarting/crowdfunding/small-batch preorders
    • in grassrootsmapping forum as an article
  • barnraising: also, “starting a chapter” discussion
  • make different message strings for different tools in googlegroup ex. balloon vs spectrometer grassmapping is the balloon list...


*Helium availability is looking good in the southeast

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