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Staff call notes 8 27 2012

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  • Kickstarter outreach, spectral workbench work, annual reports


  • Goals - support Oscar for Pfizer party installation (ordering lab coats); co-host OpenStreetMap meetup tonight; iLAB planning for last event in September; meeting about workshop at Pratt mid-fall; get invoice into NY-NJ Riverkeeper.
  • Accomp - (since Thursday? didn’t do PLOTS work besides tweeting and other communications ;( )


  • absent


  • Workshop later September Paula Levine Professor, Art (Conceptual Information Arts)
  • maps submitting, measuring barataria regrowth sites


  • Goals - Get the Asheville mailing list off the ground, find some helium (we have none)
  • Accomp - retail package tracking, wiki update, integrating both balloon mapping and spectrometer into my syllabus. =)


  • Goals: spreadsheet work for retail, assembly orders.
  • related: OHAB


  • Kickstarter search not optimized ?
    • because of “spectrometer” vs “spectrometry” in title
  • Facebook connect?
    • shannon’s account? Liz offers... dunno if you can undo connecting it...
    • need individual account, doesn’t exist for PLOTS.
    • it’s asking for hometown, interests... i think this is really supposed to be jeff’s account, so skipping
  • Press release?
    • write a draft, share?
  • indoor floor plans of Pfizer in mapknitter, like Macy’s?

Newsletter suggestions * Alex Barth’s how-to for getting permission to aerial map in Mexico City: