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Staff call notes 8 20 2012

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  • vacay


  • Goals - Meeting with Alex Kolker today. Finishing working on organizing maps all week and turning over info to Google on Friday. Spectrometer building this week, just got my new webcam, retail tasks


  • Goals - resolve shipping issues for two customers, research note on EPA conference, update retail page Accomp. - great networking for future grants/collaborations at EPA conference


  • Accomp: retail: new kits orders, dug up, examined old inventory, began building new order tracking system. , GMF shipping issues handled, prepped print materials for new kit, got booth at Portland MiniMakerFaire.
  • Goals: keeeping up while doing other work, get pair of ir/vis cams, spectrometer, going to washington state kite festival.


  • Goals: finish spectrometer video for Kickstarter.
  • Accomp: worked on physical Spectrometry kit for Kickstarter. worked on Spectrometer web app (UI and autodetects light source for calibration). worked on and it does stuff with different size cameras including mobile phone, thermal flashlight painting, and saving images.


  • Toxic Action Center got a 45k grant!!!!!


  • Accomp -- set up Bronx River mapping tomorrow with Leif P. Secured and negotiated Design Trust Fellowship -- sent to Organizers list. Got slot to speak at Urban Systems Symposium Sept 12 in Berkeley (need to coordinate with Stewart). (and tangentially, not as paid hours but lots of renovation!)
  • Goals -- Bronx River mapping tomorrow AM. Submit Hudson River Fnd invoice. Pfizer party planning for Sept 1 “Laboratory” (with 5 NYC PLOTS members interested in interior aerial video). (and renovation).


  • Reimbursements? (RE-ASSIGN to adam and stewart)
  • Pay period drop down menu needs to be updated - Jeff
  • Who will do the Toxic Action Center Grant? 45K - Sara e-mail.
  • barnraising-- longer time period in the spring? (January) (YES - ADAM AKA WinterCamp and Liz)



  • upcoming NYC $$ events: Hudson River Foundation ($500 total). Parsons ($750 Hon/$100 Materials). Pratt ($500 Hon/$500 Materials) -- i want to buy a set of A95s. or A100. Canon PowerShot SD1400 or similar A 4000, etc. First step: check setting on A495.

Newsletter suggestions

  • Please announce the TAC grant