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Staff call notes 7 19 2012

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Accomplishments: GMF subscribers list, GMF details work, print prep, easy-cut delta plans need text, got some parts for doing calibration interface for thermal flashlight, parts for picavet kit development. but all illustrations in: Goals: Finalize GMF, send out credit report (waiting on shanti, amplifier, will call), get in all reimbursements till June 30 Announcements: next week, thurs-sunday shooting videos, probably 10-15 hours total next week (GMF finalizing and printing)-- Tues 7/31-8/3


  • made H in car glovebox, tested smoke dectectors. typwriter research notes. workshop with kids.
  • oil samples, getting them ready for spectroscopy.
  • kite building


  • Goals accomplishments: successful thermal flashlight workshop and notes with EJ league, Thermal flashlight how to guide, planning for new mexico field test of H2S strips, made test strips for NM, research notes for results of Bayou Savage field test, goals:
  • Friday--receipts, research notes, reading for information society paper, experimental design for new mexico, liability forms mostly for next week:
  • finish Information society paper
  • write H2S grant


  • Goals


  • Accomplished: SXSW proposal, work on 990s, 4S paper, H2S landfill site in LA, Work w/ Stu on Google dev and corp. sponsorship
  • Goals: Disappearing to work on 990s and annual report for entirety of next week


  • Data KNC application denied.
  • Meeting set up with for end of the month
    • goal to source/build mobile and desktop spectrometers
  • Shannon and I looked at sponsorship plans, going to develop a pitch where we need to list outcomes for the sponsor
  • Next google map import coming in early Aug, maps spreadsheet
  • Organizing Google Earth outreach grant application with Shannon, due aug 1st
  • New mapknitter projects, but updates not going to the website, posted on github
  • Getting better at flying kites, have been using Pat Coyles gear, 555timer, but no geodata yet. taking it to big sur tomorrow


  • Goals


  • Shannon, did you get your cheap android phone? curious how it is, I am having trouble finding one used right now.
  • Mapknitter anonymous projects, OK if I include them for the Google update next month? Jeff, I know we have discussed this but I feel like we never conclusively decided. I vote we add any of the PD maps at our digression
  • Mapknitter max upload size (10MB), possible to increase 2-3X?
  • Mapknitter research notes not posting github
  • ways to upload results from h2s? Somekind of archive--google form, stored on spreadsheet--mailing list questions.
  • Cedar Tree Grant--window closing for LOI--needs to be sent end of July?


  • Stew added wedding/vacation to september calendar

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  • Community Environmental College had a successful Thermal Flashlight workshop.