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Staff call notes 6 18 2012

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  • helping to organize hackathon for open source video streaming tech infrastructure via peepoltv (NYC-area?) - contact me if interested (looking for coders to collaborate with)- newsletter point?? (shan) ;)


  • Goals
  • Outreach: EPA workshops NY and NJ (research notes), Providence AS220 workshop Saturday 23rd, blog submit to PBS
  • Fundraising: Claniel send letter, Cedar Tree draft LOI-call, H2S grant?
  • Research: sending H2S strips to Shannon, Thermal Flashlight make and send
  • Evaluation: Partnership report and Map of Maps--embed in archive--already, issue in github--stew and I work on this for archive.
  • Publications: 4S paper--special issue Information society
  • Presentations: RPI talk
  • Admin: timesheet update, reimbursements
  • Website: next steps for tool page? Follow up with Mat on his comments, subscriptions? goal to implement them this week or next?


  • EPA “Success stories in Water” panel talk prep with Eymund, Sara.
  • EPA aerial mapping demo Eymund 3:30pm -- EPA’s buying helium
  • materials for Kite Mapping workshop
  • ILAB workshop Sunday June 17


  • Transcribe GMF interview, 4S paper, RPI and UR talk, KNC app turned in, RK fdn, H2S testing day, Bayou Bienvenue mapping, meeting with insurance guy, meeting with Paychex, prep for end of year report, coal terminal meetings,



  • absent


  • prep for: Technoscience as activism
  • kite workshop in NYC
  • continued editing on UAV ethics dialogue
  • work with jeff on website comments, tool page


  • Admin for website:
    • move stats into a block (jeff)
  • Send someone to this? Could make a balloon map of the rally and do a lot of outreach (organized by OGAP and others we are collaborating with for H2S): mall.
  • research practices, next steps or drop? Friday-three proposals, Matt/Adam PBS blog. Staff meeting discussion?
  • Stew, any chance you can do a mapknitter training for Carticulate (Matt, Kate who are doing the music festival aerials) and Gena perhaps also? yeah, lets set up a time. OK -- i had tentatively set up this Friday noon EST. but that can for me :) MAPTASTIC adding to plots calendar...
  • place order with Ginny’s for BKIT boxes and stickers, docs? quantity?


  • Jeff-Sara meeting about Cedar Tree (friday?)--Sara to call Cedar Tree, Jeff email farm hack and start discussion?
  • RPI talk development-(thursday or friday?)
  • Liz-planning for NY/NJ EPA meet today? - yes, that would be great Liz /Sara


  • Interesting Grant possibility for small projects:
  • Format of staff calls - 5 topics... shannon moderates next call

Newsletter suggestions

  • Format: Title in bold - less than a sentence please - http://link-to-more-info...
  • less than a sentence please Dolores Park Map (adding link here we have notes and content from the day going online Thurs)
  • Grassroots Mapping Workshop Providence Rhode Island. Come learn how to make balloon maps! AS220 Labs, Saturday June 23rd. 1-4 pm. Email, AS220 Labs Manager to register.