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Staff call notes 6 13 2012

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Thursday June 13, 2012


  • Goals


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  • Goals
  • PBS-thanks for reviewing Shannon, I’ll be finishing in flight,
  • please let me know if there are any other pressing issues
  • Liz (apologies for bolds just meant to draw attention) I'll be in New York as of monday, to help out with prep for the EPA workshops. I've been thinking we should really rock those workshops to prove the utility and promise of our approach--was thinking: 1) of some kind of large scale map of maps that could be displayed? Stew would you have a moment to help point out maps that could contribute to that--I'd like to develop a flow chart of sorts organized by use: oil spills, NDVI, agriculture, landfills/superfund sites, ecological sites, civic events, wetlands/coastline...categories to add... 2) a network diagram of our partnerships. Which reminds me a long outstanding project of mine has been an evaluation of our partnerships built this year--could everyone whose not had a chance to fill it out, please do that by monday? Liz and Mat (though Mat it looks like you made a start?) I just resent the form to you both.

-- Hey Sara, was this you jotting this in here? If you make these items, I will definitely print them! I’m not sure if we have wall space though.

  • Mat can work through his distributor for water-cured and fire-hardened bamboo, hand pick, and ship to NYC.


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  • PPSR registration, review KNC, coal ash terminal, sending out Claneil Fdn letter, May KNC report, liability docs, RPI talk, 4S paper, UR conf paperwork, EPA app


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Newsletter suggestions

Dolores Park Map (adding link here we have notes and content from the day going online Thurs) * Hey NYC kite enthusiasts -- we’re holding a workshop with the goal of eliminating the need for helium altogether! We’re going to be building low-wind kites, and designing, testing, and constructing a series of kite trains. Join big-build out on Sunday July 1 and go fly them and see if we can lift cameras with a series of small kites all on the same line. Meet at 630 Flushing Ave at 11AM, walk around to the back of the giant Pfizer building and find us. Bring a bag lunch and we’ll have some snacks too. * EPA Citizen Science Workshops -- Join us downtown NY on June 19 for the EPA Citizen Science Workshop. We’ll be presenting on aerial mapping in relation to understanding and improving water quality in urban environments. A reprise of the workshop happens in NJ on June 20. Both days will have aerial mapping demos! For all community members -- if you would like to run the demo at either location, drop us a line. June 19th in NYC - June 20th in NJ - Two successful mapping trips this week 1) Oconaluftee Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center students map campus in Cherokee, NC with WCU equipment and PLOTS techniques. Search OJCCCC in Mapknitter to see fledgling maps. 2) WCU students and Duke intern map Community Garden in Sylva, NC - start of map: * [possible] Sara attended