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Staff Call Notes 5 3 2011

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Public Archive

  • Our first printed map
    • Interview: # of words (500-700 or 1400/2000) -- jeff does typographic magic, shannon cuts or tries to
  • June 3rd -ish launch date for online archive
    • Jeff has to format the individual map pages with an embedded viewer, Cartographer and Mapper notes, etc.
  • consider nice embedded map interface like this example:
  • Stewart will begin inputting the maps collection into the system
  • accuracy statement? -- “what makes this map unique?”, “how does this compare to other maps?”, scale and precision, something about subjectivity...

  • Kickstarter for Grassroots Mapping “Oil Maps” exhibition, etc:

    • Ask for 20k? 25?
    • $300? some level where you get to host the exhibition in a space of your choosing. This must be worth the cost of shipping
    • Shipping the prints: $? find out cost; estimate $50x # of locations?
    • Printing with UV-resistant dyes on recyclable Tyvek: $1500
    • Printing a couple print map editions: $2000
    • Map archival preparation, publishing, server costs
    • A book of essays and 12 maps in a printed collection, (printing as we go, later approaching a publisher)
    • Digital copies in libraries
    • a MapMill kiosk and/or a map viewing installation


  • Jeff needs to announce P&C spectrometer on the mailing list - with link to purchase
  • Dan Paluska -- infrared adapted cameras for his Kickstarter timelapse project at local organic farms in Somerville MA area -- public domain data, ~$200 for cameras (Jeff will fund, or we’ll look for a minifunder)
  • agree upon and post the Creative Commons licenses for the site & materials
  • Mikel’s questions about UNICEF & JA
    • Jeff needs to call JA and clear things up, and make sure that this really is/would be a grassroots mapping balloon mapping project, and not an attempt to get us to do Map Kibera
  • Shirley- waiting still, contacted her this week, been waiting 3 weeks, possible restructuring

PLOTS: the organization

  • Mathew followup on decision making -- need to agree on a technology (selectricity or google docs, or what) and a set of thresholds for what levels of majority are needed for what types of decisions
  • Adam and Jeff need to decide on and enforce a survey of the future deadline

Upcoming events

PLOTS website

  • getting prepared document (Plan your trip page), this week.

Next staff meeting at noon eastern on Friday, May 6th 2011