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Staff call notes 5 24 2012

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Thursday May 24, 2012

Liz (moderator)

  • Goals
    • iLAB fellowship (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday).
    • plots-nyc mailing list
    • School Working Group next meeting -- encouraged by pre-announcement that middle school program in Cypress Hills got funded via EPA Citizen Science.
    • support Oscar and Jess and Lailye to post notes on







  • Goals
  • Tools page redesign: google analytics--started screenflo videos in dropbox, develop plan/questionaire
  • Subscriptions: develop plan--matt can we set a meeting? 5 EST 2PST
  • mailing list and front page integration: develop plan (refer to Jeff thread on newsletter subscription)
  • Grant writing: begin Cedar Tree--called Cedar tree-started grant--and Claniel Foundation LOI
  • Outreach: talk for France--drafted two versions.
  • Site based research development: Thermal Flashlight workshop/mailing list/--planning tomorrow 2pm
  • Research: H2S next steps--meeting thursday/friday? Follow up with CO/NM (Friday--meeting 3), Updating research notes may day.
  • Publication: circulate and outline Information Society--done--follow up with applied anthro.
  • RPI meeting: Friday morning.
  • Admin--hiring tech person--cleared work share with Chris--he just wants to see the CV of people we are considering hiring.



  • School working group--schedule over email


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