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Staff call notes 4 18 2012

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Thursday April 19, 2012



  • EPA Cit Sci grant
  • Goal document
  • EcoHack
  • Website tasks to community



  • EPA cit sci data paper
  • PBS blog
  • Walking Papers
  • Bohemia Map with Scott and Paul




  • Goals
  • Organize H2S experiments
  • Sort out Information Society Special
  • Write talk for Philadelphia
  • Schedule summer work H2S providence, genspace NYC, Environmental Justice League
  • Get going on Tool development page redesign

Newsletter suggestions

  • Google Announcement
  • Short term response of server- worked semi well, long term response is being deployed- (Jeff will write up)- brief report on what the traffic looked like- limitations of the system
  • EPA grants that are going in this week
  • Website working teams
  • EcoHack II this weekend
  • Philadelphia Science Festival (Sara couple of sentences)
    • Sara is speaking on a panel about science and information around hydraulic fracturing, she along with discussing webtools for community monitoring of the oil and gas industry she will discuss the possibility using Public Lab’s grassroots mapping tools to document the expansion frontier of natural gas development in the US.
    • Panel Abstract: We often see debates between experts on scientific issues that affect our lives and livelihoods. What can we do when the experts disagree but their decisions have enormous impacts on us? Do we try to influence their debate? Do we trust one side? Do we trust our gut feelings? Hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale has recently brought up these questions and issues. Join a panel discussion with speakers from a number of fields and disciplines who will help us understand the way we access and understand information and help us apply lessons learned from history in our decision-making process. at 2 pm.
  • Pull a couple recent research notes