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Staff call notes 2 24 2012

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Friday February 24, 2012


  • AS220-workshop, dinner talk, summer Public Laboratory research group, printing circuit board there.
  • East Harlem Tutorial Program - Sara - contact with Jennifer.
  • P&C and Nadya’s thermal flashlight circuit designs--winterization investigations.
  • H2S collaboration at URI- fume hood and glove box
  • kirk at RPI interested in studying us? encourage him to do a march madness event and to talk to mat.

Recent & Upcoming events

  • 2010 google summer of code deadline in 2 weeks, Mentor apps due March 9
  • SF I Am Crime: Art on the Edge of Law!
  • SXSW-- what tools to demo, how many fights/helium
    • support- feed contacts for mapping back to other people
    • how to get people to stick through mapping part, or how to matchmake cartographers with those who need map stitching
      • Stewart put email out to listserve
    • Sara will make thermal flashlight how to make video?
  • Shan at Tulane env. law summit and Gulf Gathering next week
  • March Mapping Madness- Vancouver, Austin, NY, Boston, DC, Philly (sara could travel) out to GM mailing list and surveys for interest (sam lead in Socal)- organize on the website- add to March Madness page- get involved box- so someone can just sign up: for real world, leading a workshop, or virtual meetup
  • Virtual meet-ups for how to stitch, also for matchmaking mappers with needy groups, Stu lead
    • announce, make cohesive webpage for “get involved”
    • create a web form or Doodle to gauge interest
  • possible NYC location partner StudioX
    • need: e-mail lists and surveys-
    • identify people who want mapping matchmaking, help them identify collaborative sites
    • Shannon and Stu coordinate on this with Mat in the loop
  • Spectrometer presentation at Parsons March 5, theme of “Thingness of Energy” - Jeff help needed. WellWatch - Sara.
  • RPI conference on citizen science March 15 deadline
    • I would be interested too. -mathew / stewart
  • Sara/Shannon update on UCL citizen cyber science conference
    • got “most interesting student project” award.


Public Archive/Publications


  • Stewart/adam date naming convention
  • MapMill -
    • FTP issues and generally issues related to sysadmin need (only 2-3 gb of space on the server)
    • need for MapMill admins (there is no other way to get images into mapmill and has never been)
    • For GSoC?
      • propose Amazon S3-backed bulk upload based on a hypr3d-style uploader, visual archive. (s3 is pretty expensive),
      • chain of custody (perhaps not get too ambitious) (from the SD card to the server)
      • image checksumming that you take a picture of?
  • Github feature request for site profile attributes, what tools you know
  • Archive for stories?
  • Thermal Flashlight wiki gardening?
  • Github for software issues, web@ alternative in footer
  • WellWatch Update- waiting for Lorrie


  • Mat and Adam- gone time, contacts, etc
  • SIP reporting? writeup?
  • NYC general meeting on Tuesday
  • do we have a digikey account? make a (wiki) page?
    • or futureelectronics, adafruit, sparkfun (mathew)
  • Insurance dammit :(