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Monday, December 5, 2011


  • Infrared- what can we get started with this- where can we use a site? Follow-up with RiverLink, Stewart can work on infrared shot during barn raising- Jeff- are infrared maps being made- weekly or bi-weekly round-up for IR camera- post about IR maps in progress, Matt Decker- balloon mapping workshop in New Haven/Yale, some people are waiting for spring to do IR, Liz- flying both- are there new topic areas that we can expand into?

  • Email protocol- BCC or cut email address off or if forwarding to list, or just get ahold of them

  • UNICEF- next steps- questionnaire that keeps going to Jeff- wants feedback on UNICEF- should submit this, send email to Joe, follow up with Evish (in Rio- ongoing hackathons and aerial mapping in Bahia), reaching out to INSTEDD- make sure we’re connected and remind them about our share-alike provisions.

    • Is our goal to support Public Lab community in Rio that can engage with our larger community - connect dots -
    • Jeff- reach out to INSTEDD to see who the correct person is to talk with? i have random other contact for Nicolas DiTada:
    • What are the correct questions to ask the lawyer about how UNICEF has set up this dynamic?
    • Lawyer- org. scale of UNICEF- underbid on our work to get another organization in
    • Shannon will call Bobbie today about UNICEF issue- being specific about works that are in question- haven’t licensed any balloon mapping technology- can release under OH license- creative works like written materials, photos- cc sharealike- that cite or excerpt portions of original work- matter of spirit of work
    • Is there an argument to be made that UNICEF is not a great partner to groups like us? Making it hard on groups that are doing things that are usable and affordable- shouldn’t crush open source innovators
    • Mikel’s blogpost:

Recent & Upcoming events


  • Schedule NSF call - one with possible evaluator Rupal Sanghvi on this Thursday 11am.
    • Draft of NSF by Thursday (except evaluation).
    • respond to Phil with comments. 10:30 call for Shan, Liz, Sara, Jeff (liz has to play host that day, so might be in and out)
  • Sending out NSF VOSS today Virtual Organizations of Socio-technical Systems. Full proposal due January.
  • EPA grant - Urban Waters grant. Shannon has background here, Leif also interested. Thermal water thermometer- changes in water temperature. - Friday morning call-10ET

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Field work this week

  • NYC Thermal Camera event as “hello world” and “pass the baton”