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Staff call notes 11-21-2011

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Recent & Upcoming events

  • Eye on Earth - Shannon and Liz, want to carry kits to Abu Dhabi
  • video for hydrogen sulfide-Sara. flickr recordandremember, shannon’s iphoto
  • update roomba records online--you tube opensource--license
  • good stitching session at RiverLink, composites in infrared/visible will be later converted into NRG/NDVI

  • INVITATION: liz house, friday evening Dec 2, and during the day on Saturday, for thermal hacking.


  • working on NSF

Public Archive/Publications


  • Social Media -- using a twitter client so multiple people. might cost $$. can use it to schedule tweets. Sara/liz also look into twitterclients (also ask MP herself since she’s an expert). options: Hootsuite, Seesmic.


  • Dropbox
  • No movement to vote for change of part-time base pay rate
  • some confusion on this was resolved

Field work this week

  • 10 new people - captured new part of gowanus, Sunday?
  • Thomas Greene Park and the Degraw Street area was chosen for good aerial base mapping and study over the winter because:
    • 1- the Gowanus Canal Conservancy will be starting a bioswale project on Degraw Street
    • 2 - the Friends of CB6 Brownfields Opportunity Area Grant will be focusing on this area
    • 3 - the New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection will be starting a 20 million dollar Storm Sewer project for Third Avenue. The DEP is proposing to connect the rain waters from 3rd Ave to the Canal via Carroll Street, site of the only glacial moraine ridge running across the Gowanus flood zone. On either side of this proposed Carroll Street connection are two historic water features A) the buried First Street Basin, built on Denton's Pond and B) Thomas Greene Park, built on Brouwer's Brook. There is a known outflow of Brouwer's Brook at the end of Degraw Street, and Denton's Spring still outflows at the First Street Basin.
    • 4 - there are some industrial pollution and stormwater management issues that were never properly resolved by past and proposed plans.
    • The community, via the Superfund Community Advisory Group, may want to discuss and explore with cleanup agencies, Parks Department and DEP if there aren't opportunities for Green and Grey Infrastructure design improvements as the Superfund/NYSDEC remediation for Thomas Greene Park moves forward.
    • Maybe there is an opportunity for the new storm sewer to be integrated via Degraw Street into the reconstruction of Thomas Greene Park before the renovation and storm sewer plans get finalized?
    • This could include a partial restoration of Brouwer's Brook on the Degraw Street side of Thomas Greene Park, with the goal of making Thomas Greene Park one of the City's first "zero runoff" properties.