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Staff call notes 10 11 2011

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


  • NYC - gotta figure out something with Carlos at East Harlem Tutorial Program. They pay 35 dollars per hour, and allot for an additional 1.5 hours of prep for each class. Thermal Camera remote hackathon on Monday night October 17 - Liz needs to send email. Carlos Velazquez Tuesday-Thursday fresh/soph, Wednesday afternoon junior/senior. Thermal Camera? Liz email NYCResistor and Public Lab to find folks to support Sara to teach thermal camera. Liz send email to introduce Sara to Carlos.
  • NYC - Stephen Metts - adjunct GIS faculty at Laguardia Community College, located one block from Newtown Creek - is going to be presenting our work to date to gauge student and departmental interest in beginning a long term project.
  • Riverkeeper - are they working with us or can we go ahead and follow up on our own? Liz send message.
  • Butte - update on contract - need to have phone calls to discuss methods, tools, activities Shannon sending mail out on Thursday
  • Uganda - see below in fundraising

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Wednesday October 12, MobilityShifts in NYC with Phil Silva, Liz, Mathew 1:30 - 3:30pm.
  • Central Booking---people who know maps will flag--sara will send off to central booking
  • Nitin’s class at Parsons


  • what is up with Uganda? See recent email from Chris C. but do not forward. As Mathew articulated, we have individuals who are part of the greater Public Laboratory community - beyond us 7 staff - who might seriously consider this, but the contract would need to include a percentage going back to PLOTS organization. The position is targeting an individual rather than a group at the onset.

Sara is going to contact Leif, to follow up.

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