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Friday, Jan 13, 2011


  • Kickstarter Follow up:
  • Kit building
  • send out second week of February (this is being done in Austin Texas by amplifier group)
  • Other to do:
  • Add waiver to kits or with form to get kits
  • Get Liability Coverage-Shannon Sara
  • Rewrite the guide and add safety information-Mat and Stew
  • made how to make kits videos to be put out on Monday
  • Follow up with kits--treating them as user base--Plan next week--subject monday staff call
    • dedicated email with people who got kits?
    • how make research notes
    • organize distributed mapping day?
    • organize webinar for knitting maps, archiving maps,
    • post picture of your camera housing.
  • Last week of promotion--set of scheduled events over February.
  • Laurie Becklund- LA Times

  • Google Maps mania

  • ESRI-approached by founder of this GIS mapping software company-can we use their software--do we want to use it as it is not opensource software. Licences to software so we can do comparisions between our software and ESRI.
  • Shannon progress on Gulf Coast work-GRN (Scot Contact) interested in using gulf spill. Feburary 27 and 28th two days of training with 50 different environmental groups in Gulf Coast. Healthy, Gulf Restoration. Global Green-meeting interested in Thermal Imaging-they work with low income families to do insulation.

Recent & Upcoming events

  • Wednesday-afternoon-18th 11-3: Goal Setting Outcome, Tool Review: future plans for tools and field sites
  • Multi-spectral: possibility for working with EDF using just the infrared and visible camera in a box from aircraft and use mapknitter to bring together.
  • Modify cameras for infrared and sell at $150, to increase attention to that tool.
  • establish tool research meetings (jeff, shannon)
  • Sara/Jeff need to reschedule with TAC
  • Saturday 21st - Asheville Area - Collaborative mapping with Watershed of the Tuckaseegee River looking for Cherokee fish weirs in area rivers. (rain date is the 28th)
  • Hunter and Jeff-working today on Thermal Flashlight
  • Shannon/Hunter/Jeff--time lapse to look at wetlands loss. Using timelapse cameras used in hunting, modified in infrared, Hunter has been working with them to look at wetland loss in cocordrie. He’s going to put up you tube video on process. Hunter came on board during Spill mapping.


  • NSF done!
  • In process:
  • EPA urban waterways
  • Atlas Scientific interested in giving us tools to model of, want to write something with us for SparkFun
  • Couple hours next friday to work on Funding.
  • ASSIGNMENT: Search for funding options- everyone come up with 3 funders or funding schemes
  • Modify cameras for infrared and sell at $150 on Kickstarter...

Public Archive/Publications

  • Jeff and Stew-Remote Sensing Letters-working with Clark University GIS researchers to put together an article.


  • upgrade openlayers to upgrade google maps--email from Mano
  • should we up grade open layers everywhere?
  • Multispectral feature for Map Knitter--Jeff to do video tutorial-tab marked experimental so you can composite two maps in NRG mode. Try out with some early adopters. Working with Save the Bay in Providence. Discuss possiblity for NDVI mode. CDHK system for linking camera triggering--Mat, possibility for working with EDF using just the infrared and visible camera


  • Health Insurance- need to take out half of monthly payment from checks
  • Shan talk to Paychex about how to have money withdrawn
  • need to get checks to insurance company, have to resign documents jeff maybe can meet with gerry instead of sara.
  • Liability Coverage:
  • general-staff activities (additional insurance for international travel and maritime insurance) auto
  • fire home office
  • special event insurance-people besides staff and members