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How can you use computer vision to reduce spectral overlap?

by MaggPi 1 day ago | 2 | 79 | 1

Research question: Can image processing /computer vision be used to increase the free spectral r...

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CFL Bulb

by claudiaascher New Contributor 11 days ago | 1 | 139 | 2

Build a self-made mini-spectrometer (many instructions & guidelines online available), put the si...

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USB Webcam vs Raspberry Pi V2 Field of View (FOV) comparison / Community microscope initial evaluation #2

by MaggPi 14 days ago | 6 | 171 | 3

The research note compares the USB and Raspberry Pi V2 cameras that are typically used for the co...

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Updating the WheeTrometer: Code for running the CCD.

by JSummers 15 days ago | 2 | 166 | 4

This research note is about driving a photodiode array (also called a charge cap...

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Community Microscope Initial Evaluation

by MaggPi 29 days ago | 8 | 181 | 3

This post is an initial evaluation of the community microscope (with USB webcam- reverse len...

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Bay Area Maker Faire!

by stevie about 1 month ago | 0 | 334 | 1

Public Lab will be hosting a community science space at the San Francisco Maker Faire this coming...

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Red vs. blue filters for NDVI

by nedhorning over 4 years ago | 32 | 15,430 | 6

While working on [calibration techniques](

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DIY Spectrometry Workshop in Lima, Peru

by warren over 7 years ago | 0 | 123 | -1

<a href="" title="TL lamps by Nadya Peek, on Flick...

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