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Intro to nonmetallic mining and common potential problems, with specific intros to silica mining (note: silica mining NAICS code: 212322) and to coal mining-- such as, most do not have to report TRI, but do have to obtain air permits; mention NAAQS. Visual aid to help explain types of emissions and pathways of exposure.

Industrial Sand Mining

information transcluded to Background Information on www.publiclab.org/wiki/frac-sand

Environmental Concerns Related to Nonmetallic Mining

Airborne compounds that may be associated with mining: Particulate Matter (including silica, coal dust, and combustion aerosols from mining product transport)

[make links to various chemicals that might be used like cyanide or degreasers?]

Water-related issues associated with nonmetallic mining operations: www.publiclab.org/wiki/water/nonmetallicmining.

Land-related issues associated with nonmetallic mining operations: www.publiclab.org/wiki/land/nonmetallicmining.

Communities with Nonmetallic Mining

Learn about communities addressing environmental concerns associated with nonmetallic mining: www.publiclab.org/wiki/peopleandplaces#wisconsin.

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