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Community Microscope Kit

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Using simple materials, we’ve developed a microscope kit you can build yourself - the result of many teams’ work coming together!

Introducing the Community Microscope

Explore the invisible microscopic world around you with an affordable microscope kit you construct yourself!

When you get a kit, please use the hashtags #communitymicroscope and #communityscience to post your unboxing and build photos -- and tag us with @PublicLab on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


Purpose Category Status Author Time Difficulty Replications
MapKnitter map of bee leg stitch test - - @MaggPi - - 0 replications: Try it »
MapKnitter map of MicroscopeKnitTest - - @Bronwen - - 0 replications: Try it »
Raspberry PI NoIR close-up Imaging - - @MaggPi - - 0 replications: Try it »
Community Microscope Assembly Instructions - - @Bronwen - - 0 replications: Try it »
Looking at Dust (and other things) - - @partsandcrafts - - 3 replications: Try it »
USB Webcam vs Raspberry Pi V2 Field of View (FOV) comparison / Community microscope initial evaluation #2 - - @MaggPi - - 0 replications: Try it »
Infrared Insect Microscopy - - @MaggPi - - 0 replications: Try it »
Microscope calibration overlays… What’s the best approach? - - @MaggPi - - 0 replications: Try it »
Microscope Webcam Conversion - - @Bronwen - - 0 replications: Try it »
A Prototype Paper Stage for the Microscope - - @mimiss - - 0 replications: Try it »
Community Microscope Stage Assembly Instructions - - @mimiss - - 0 replications: Try it »
Calibrating a Microscope - - @mathew - - 0 replications: Try it »
Build a low-magnification "dissection microscope" for microplastics - - @warren - - 0 replications: Try it »
Correcting the colour of the Pi Camera image - - @julianstirling - - 0 replications: Try it »
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Title Author Updated Likes Comments
What is an estimated cost for this project? @pdhixenbaugh almost 2 years ago 3
Microscope not focusing right @Meculus over 2 years ago 5
How do I get the USB camera to work on an Android phone @pietervanboheemen about 3 years ago 1
Would it be possible to make our own microscopic scale rulers (micrometers) using optical discs (DVDs?) @warren about 3 years ago 6
How do I...troubleshoot my webcam's focus? @Bonnieralston about 3 years ago 1
How do I build the Deluxe Microscope Kit @aps about 3 years ago 2
Is there a step by step to building the super pi Microscope kit @Hightower77 over 3 years ago 2
How can you calculate microscope magnification with just a calibration slide? @Bronwen over 3 years ago 5
Which objectives do you use? @aquiles almost 4 years ago 6
What types of slides would be good for working with the basic microscope? @stevie over 4 years ago 2
What is the best light source to use for the basic microscope? @stevie almost 4 years ago 9
What information should be posted with images taken with a microscope? @stevie almost 4 years ago 3
How could the new basic microscope project be used in building towards advocacy outcomes? @stevie almost 4 years ago 0
Where can microscope lenses (objectives) be bought? @warren over 4 years ago 14
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Ongoing work on the design of the Community Microscope Kit can be found here:


final.png IMG_20180510_190544_862.jpg IMG_20180516_093247_808.jpg nice.jpg microscope-drawing.jpeg cards.jpg sketch.jpg tiny2.gif card.jpg three.jpg sketches-bw.jpg workspace-green.jpg flow3.gif

Want to remix your own? Here's a link to a shared document where you can compose your own images for sharing:

Please use the hashtags #communitymicroscope and #communityscience -- and tag us with @PublicLab on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Also see this larger collection of images in Dropbox: