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If you have questions related to tools or want to suggest a project, we recommend that you start by checking out the Welcome Page to understand how the Public Lab community works together and then send a message to the appropriate list with your question.

If you need to get in touch with the Public Lab nonprofit staff, you can email If you are trying to reach a particular staff member, please visit the [Public Lab Nonprofit Team] page (

General Public Lab Nonprofit contact information

Phone: 504-358-0647 (Note: we do not answer this line, but can receive voicemails. Technical troubleshooting is not handled on this line, please send your question to the appropriate email group on

Mail: Public Lab, 44 Court St. Suite 1217 PMB 93541, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Kits Initiative contact information

If you need assistance with a kits purchase, please use the form at

Technical assistance with website

Please see our Issues page