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Aerial Photography

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This is an open source community effort to develop simple, low-cost aerial photography methods for a range of conditions. All open hardware and software efforts are welcome here!

There are several sub-categories:

You can join in by:

  • Reading about goals and asking great questions](#Questions)
  • Trying (and critiquing) our community-made how-to guides
  • Posting your own how-to guides and mods
  • Building on others’ work; hack and remix the kits to refine and expand them
  • Submit your improvements for inclusion in an upcoming starter kit release or add-on
  • Serving on a Research Review Group for a 3 month period

Activity Grid

Purpose Category Status Author Time Difficulty Replications
Fifty Shades of Graze experiment - @cfastie - - 0 replications: Try it »
DIY Mini Kite Kit first flight field-test - @mathew 1h easy 1 replications: Try it »
Graze anatomy experiment - @cfastie - - 0 replications: Try it »
Use a rubber band and knotted string to trigger a camera build complete @mathew 15m easy 0 replications: Try it »
Host a balloon mapping workshop - - @liz - - 37 replications: Try it »
Floating camera rig build - @eustatic - - 0 replications: Try it »
Make a simple mylar/trash bag delta kite - - @warren 1h easy 0 replications: Try it »
Adding GPS logging to a kite or balloon aerial photography rig verify - @cfastie - medium 0 replications: Try it »
Youth Balloon Mapping Workshop Complete! - - @mjain26 - - 0 replications: Try it »
Coded ground control points - - @Jasja - - 0 replications: Try it »
Selecting Kite Flight Launch Sites in Centerville - - @Olivia - - 0 replications: Try it »
PET Bottle & Rubber Band Rig build - @mathew 3h easy 1 replications: Try it »
easy cut delta kite plans build - @mathew 3h easy 0 replications: Try it »
Analyzing Thacher Insulation: an Aerial Thermal Mapping Project - - @NIKIBOPOLOUS - - 0 replications: Try it »
How to decide on a tool for mapping - - @stevie - - 0 replications: Try it »
Fly a small camera on a very portable (squid-shaped) sled kite - - @warren - - 0 replications: Try it »
Easy Kites for Kite Trains build - @mathew - easy 0 replications: Try it »

Activities should include a materials list, costs and a step-by-step guide to construction with photos. Learn what makes a good activity here.

Starter Kits

Public Lab’s Kits initiative offers starter kits for kite and balloon photography. The point of the kits is to provide a shared reference design for building experimental setups onto. You can also use our guides as a resource for building or purchasing materials of your own.

Public Lab Store's Aerial Photography and Mapping Kits


Ask a question about aerial photography

Title Author Updated Likes Comments
Balloon mapping workshop for a street festival in London @ClimateArt about 2 years ago 1
What is the easiest and cheapest way to make a kite big enough to carry a camera? @warren over 6 years ago 1
Where are people compiling lists of potential pollution sites following Hurricane Harvey? @warren almost 7 years ago 3
What are some sources of new aerial imagery of Harvey damages? @warren almost 7 years ago 6
How do I share lots (gigabytes, or thousands) of photos online, cheaply and easily? @warren almost 7 years ago 1
How do you merge GPS logger data into photographs? @warren almost 7 years ago 11
Cheap, lightweight GoPro alternatives for aerial mapping? @warren about 7 years ago 14
User Interface on Mac @mlapey about 7 years ago 2
please help! @ROCKETMAN over 7 years ago 1
how do i get my old map @jgee7 over 7 years ago 0