This design has been retired in favor of the PET Bottle and Rubber Band Rig »

A cut-off soda bottle can be used as a cheap camera mounting because the camera sits snugly against the inside of the bottle. The camera is also effectively protected from impacts - a disadvantage of the Picavet suspension. Making a rubber band harness for the soda bottle rig: Fitting and flying a camera in a soda bottle rig: Simplified Soda bottle rig: ##Build a Soda Bottle Rig## here, we go ! You can also follow this visual step by step instructions below: Tools you'll need minimum tool set to build the aerial photography camera mount Drill the bottom of the bottle drill the bottom Cut the bottom of the bottle : pinch to cut cut the bottom of the bottle just above the mold marks Insert the bottom of the bottle you just cut in the bottle itself until the head : take the cut bottom, reverse it, push it in Push it in ! Cut a large strip of the bottle, leaving enough on the bottle head side to host a camera : Leave enough on the head side to contain the camera Cut the large stripe : Ok, that's the center part. This will become the wings of the camera mount Cut the large stripe in the length : cut this large strip in 2 narrow ones Now you have 2 narrow stripes : a large strip becomes 2 narrow strips Fold them in 2 in the length : The strip roll by themselves, but if you fold them, they stay in place strong Both of them : Now you have 2 separated wings and a big body Cut the end of each of the narrow stripes in a "pig feet" : open the long strip as a "pig foot" If you have a welder, you can make the "pig feet" more durable by "welding" the end of the cut : if you can "weld" the hole, it is much stronger than simple cut. Put "feet to feet" the folded stripes : Now you have 2 long strips - I call these "wings" Duct tape one side of the "feet nails" : tapped together! Mark where you want to insert the feets : check out how big of a hole you need to pass these wings in the body With a blade - ideally with the soldering iron, make a cut the width of the stripe : prepare a little hole on the overlap, to pass the wings Insert the "wings" :) Get the wings through the body Tape the wings in : attaching the 2 loose pieces to the support Almost there, nice! Taking shape! I use a piece of duct tape to mark the axe Pass the long thin rope through the nozzle : pull the end of your thread through the head and perforated bottom Make 2 loops (4 threads) with the thread : one thread turned into 2 loops Adjust the tension of the 2 loops : the threads will hold like that, you will  put duct tape to set up the camera. A simple knot with the 4 threads in : simple knot with 4 threads coming into 2 loops Fix the threads with string tape to camera (real strong, if you use bad tape your camera may fall from 500ft in the water / in the sand / on the rocks :_( Fix the camera threads tension to have a well-balanced positioning Pull the rope back in the body : Pull the camera up ... Pull stronger till the camera doesn't move much anymore: Adjust the camera in the mount Screw the cap in, with the threads forced (and probably twisted while you screw in): Good! Fixed! The screw cap with hold the 4 threads securely, it easier to adjust, and also be easy to remove : the cap is holding the rope and adjusting the tension Test the balance of your devicem ideally with a fan, your camera mount should swing gently in the wind and follow the wind like a weather vane :) here, we go ! To avoid having of the mount with the pictures you take, you can crop the extra plastic : I recommend to remove a bit of the plastic in order to avoid having the edge of the bottle in every single shot :) If you want to avoid turbulence and aggravate wind drag you can make fringes at the end of each wings : I cut little fringes to add drag in the air You are ready to fly ! Grassroots mapping camera mount pointing at the floor Suspended Get out of here, inflate a balloon: Mademoiselle Ballon **** or a kite : Launching the kite Attach your camera mount to the kite, and walk on the beach / or sail ! Boat for oil spill mapping More infos here : Watch a video by Pat Coyle about the origins of the soda bottle rig here: ----