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###List of parts * 3 injection molded plastic (ABS) parts * 2 short screws * 2 long screws * black paper liner * diffraction grating * protective film * precision printed slit * jewelers screwdriver ###Instructions 1. Carefully pull out the grating without getting dust or fingerprints on it, and lay it ... 2. Place the double-sided tape on the interior of the molded plastic parts as shown 3. 4. ...magic... ![IMG_20130827_164804.jpg]( Sketchup model: smartphone-spec-overview.skp ##Mathew's Assembly Run## * 3 injection molded plastic (ABS) parts * 2 short screws * 2 long screws * 1 short black paper liner (5cm x 4cm) * 1 long black paper liner (5cm x 8cm) * 6 5cm lengths of double-sided tape * 1 5cm black foam tape * diffraction grating (5cm x 4.4cm) *protective film _I did without-- this extra step increases the chances of damaging the grating in order to protect it._ * precision printed slit * jewelers screwdriver * razor blade [See full image set here]( backpack spectrometer assembly take 2 ![spec.gif]( ###Adhesive options Here's a list of other adhesives and tape strips which may be helpful in assembling and mounting the spectrometer. Some may be shipped in the kits: * Tape strips are sold for costumes and wigs: * 3M's super strong 300LSE in letter sheets, ~$12 each: ** these are an excellent option. 3M sells [24x36" sheets]( somewhere. we can save users any trimming through cutting to 6mm wide-- the width of the edges of the mountplate. one sheet = 300 30cm strips 6mm wide, giving each user 6 5cm pieces they can cut to length with their razor. Then there's no tape trimming to do when attaching. * Scrapbooking tape strips: (hard to find but good size -- big lots available on ebay: is 3600 strips for $65, or 2c per strip)