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March 2014

  • Sean McGinnis (New Jersey) Liz can vouch for Sean's dedication to field work and community outreach including helping connect organizations in NJ and doing public speaking engagements around NY and NJ. Sean got involved with Public Lab after supporting the Balloon Mapping Kickstarter project. Since October, 2012, he has coordinated multiple balloon mapping flights and hosted multiple hands on balloon mapping workshops in Philadelphia and Southern/Central New Jersey. He is active in posting to Research Notes including Raspberry Pi Camera Rig, Line Reel for Balloon/Kite String and local events and news in the Philadelphia Chapter's wiki page.

  • Bronwen Densmore I’ve been attending Public Lab workshops, meetings and mapping efforts in NYC for the past few years, helped to edit the most recent issue of Grassroots Mapping forum, and participated in 2013’s Barnraising. I will also be assisting with a kite-mapping workshop in DC following the Open Street Map conference. I’m an active member of the North Brooklyn Boat Club and am hoping to begin an indexing project at Dead Horse Bay in the coming months. My background is in construction/visual arts and social sciences, and I currently work as an Instructional Design Librarian in CUNY. My ""professional"" area of expertise is in research and research pedagogy, and while not a ""scientist"", I do love anything having to do with building tools and hands-on learning, and am great at designing interdisciplinary and hands-on approaches to research projects.

Feb 2014

  • Matt Pendergraft I would like to nominate Matt Pendergraft for the organizers list, for his work on the Barataria Mapping trips, and as a devotee of Mapknitters club. Matt P has worked with kites, especially building kites, and mapping, since the Barnraising at Cocodrie in 2012, and has stepped up lately for the Barataria project. Matt's background is in environmental chemistry of BP's oil.

Nov 2013

  • Nicholas Johnson (self-nominated, seconded by Jeff, Hagit, Liz)

    • Over the past year I've been working closely with Public Lab in New York on various mapping and education initiatives as well as attending the 2013 Barnraising. Most recently I've been developing an online course dedicated to balloon/kite mapping which is being held in partnership with the Center for Urban Science and Progress, the GovLab Academy and Peer-to-Peer University. I've also been an active mapper of waste landscapes including Freshkills Landfill in Staten Island and Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn. My interest overall is to continue to engage the public through mapping landfills and other waste landscapes and continue to investigate low-cost open source tools that could enable the public to better understands landfills and the surrounding areas. As a Public Lab organizer I could also serve as a key link between the Public Lab and the Center for Urban Science and Progress.
  • Alex Stoicof (nominated by Shannon)

    • Alex is a GIS consultant who spends most of her time making maps and processing data for people in a wide range of sectors, including environmental education and tourism. She loves innovative mapping technologies, and especially solutions that are DIY or open-source, which led her to Public Lab. Alex is mainly involved with the aerial mapping side of Public Lab, and is interested in organizing like-minded people on the Gulf Coast, or wherever she may be, to collaborate on new tools and processes. She believes that there is something to learn from everyone, and looks to get ideas and inspiration from her peers. Currently she is dabbling is some OpenStreetMap tracing and organizing a MapKnitter Club in New Orleans.

May 2013

  • Dana Bauer (nominated by liz)
    • Dana is a geographer and mapper interested in open data, journalism, and science education. She is based in Philadelphia. Dana has participated in several balloon mapping events, and she organized and ran a Balloon Mapping Workshop during Philly Tech Week, with a goal of growing a Public Lab community in Philly. Her concerns focus on environmental health, equity and open data. Local schools and community organizations are beginning to contact her, so bringing her into the organizers list would provide her with a support network and resources (Education Working Group). Dana tweets here: Her Public Lab username is geography76.
    • second: Jeff W
    • third: shannon
  • Stu Williams (nominated by Jeff W
    • My interest in Public Laboratory started through the Spectrometer Kickstarter project when I realized the potential for a cheap, configurable, easy to build and quite accurate digital spectrometer. I didn???t actually subscribe to the kickstarter project (I missed it) but instead built my own spectroscope following the excellent instructions provided on the PLOTS site. I was then able to use the spectral workbench software and started by conducting experiments in the classroom with my students. The value of this tool in education is quite staggering and I???m currently investigating its possible use across a wide range of areas. I have presented a workshop on the spectroscope at the South Australian annual science teacher???s conference and I???m currently holding discussions with some interested science teachers on using it in the classroom.
  • I would like to contribute to the PLOTS team in a meaningful way and promote the Spectroscope (and the Balloon Mapping kit in Australia), particularly among the education community. I am a believer in open source and see the value in promoting science through accessible tools that in the hands of motivated and interested people can be used for to great benefit. I think that this process starts in the classroom and my involvement with PLOTS is an extension of my work as a teacher.
  • I feel that I can bring a broad perspective to the PLOTS team and my strengths are a wide knowledge base rather than in-depth expertise in a specific area. I am involved in teaching chemistry, physics and mathematics and have experience in computer science and electronics technology.
  • But the bottom line is that I am grateful for the resources that Jeff and the PLOTS team have provided, grateful for the contributions that have been made on the forum and through the research notes and wish, in a small way, to repay the team for these resources.
  • Seconded by Shannon D and Don B
  • Will Ward (nominated by Jeff W
    • Will studied Agribusiness & Geography as an undergrad. Will has worked on restoring streams, monitoring sagebrush habitat, collecting data around Lake Pontchartrain forests with Tottori University, & georeferencing historical imagery for a US Fish & Wildlife Service Salt Marsh Integrity Index pilot project. He collaborated with Public Lab contributors to map coastal erosion & housing damage at Plum Island, MA. He is focused on spreading Public Lab methods to Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), prescribed burn timelines, & Kennebunkport Conservation Trust's experiential learning project. He is interested in getting Public Lab toolkits & Public Lab contributors to disaster areas through Shelterbox & ISTAT Airlink.
    • seconded by Don Blair and Pablo Rey

March 2013

  • Natasia Sidarta (nominated by Liz, second by Pat Coyle, third by Jeff Warren)
    • Natasia has served as the Gowanus Canal Conservancy's GLAM (Gowanus Low Altitude Mapping) project manager since October 2012. She holds undergraduate degrees in conservation biology and ecology. Her interest in mapping / GIS grew out of field research experience in Borneo, where she worked on orangutan conservation through mapping seasonal variations in their feeding ranges. Broadly, she is interested in using maps as a platform for education, raising awareness, and working toward environmental justice. She has roots in Philadelphia.

Jan 2013

  • Dan Beavers (nominated by: Shannon, second by Stewart, third by Chris, fourth by Scott)

    • I'd like to nominate Dan Beavers to become part of the organizers list. Dan has been involved in the Public Lab related events in Louisiana, was an attendee of the barn raising and WinterCamp, contributed to the redesign of the Public Lab landing page on the website, is part of the PLOTS-Alpha testers group for the new website and has been working with Mathew on kite modifications, building and design.
  • Pablo Rey

    • Jeff W (nominating), second, third and fourth: Jen, Liz and Don I'm nominating Pablo Rey, with whom I've worked on a number of Boston-area meetups and mappings, and who is an experienced balloon/kite mapper with workshops under his belt in both Boston and Madrid. He is involved in Basurama, a trash-activism group and we have collaborated on 2 mappings of the Saugus landfill near Boston.

Nov 2012

  • Eric Kugler
  • Shannon nominating, Second by Stewart L. Third by Scott E. (and Sara and Liz) Eric works for GroundworkNOLA in New Orleans. Currently they have an EPA urban waters grant to do mapping around the Green Slice corridor in the Lower 9th Ward which included Bayou Bienvenue. Eric has worked closely with both Scott and I on mapping different areas and has been advocating the use of Public Lab tools to a number of different schools and informal education programs throughout New Orleans. He participated in the barn raising and recently suggested re-starting the education working group through an "education happy hour model". The education working group had their first call this week.

  • Kalyn Rosenberg and Sylvia Broude

  • Shannon nominating, Second by Stewart L., Third by Chris Fastie (and Sara and Liz) Syliva is the ED of Toxics Action Center and Kalyn is the Vermont organizer. Currently TAC has a grant to use Public Lab tools in a number of different communities that they work with throughout the Northeast. Part of their job is to train people on how to use different Public Lab tools, so this list would be helpful for them to be apart of and as community organizers they will also be able to contribute alot back to the Public Lab organizers group.

Oct 2012

  • Shai Efrati (Nominated by Jeff W, Second by Stewart L)
    • A geologist, oceanography student, cartographer, free software enthusiast and most of all - an activist. Got to know Grassrootsmapping and PLOTS through Jeff Warren, who visited me here and showed me the fascinating science and art he made using the tools he and others built. I was immediately amazed and fantasized on doing it one day. Then Hagit Keysar came to me with her plan for a mapping workshop for kids in Jerusalem. I made the matching and since then i fly kites, disassembling cameras, looking through very thin slits at light sources, play with my Arduino and mainly enjoy DIY open source science. I find PLOTS as my source of scientific inspiration. Recently i mapped trees in south Tel-Aviv before they were uprooted as part of an "affordable housing" project initiated by the Tel-Aviv municipality on the account of open public spaces in the southern part of the city. As part of this work i got to know Liz Barry's TreeKIT which i would love to implement in my neighborhood. I publish part of the stuff i work on here:

Aug/Sept 2012

August 2012

  • Oscar Brett (
  • Liz nominating?
  • Shannon second
  • Third by Stewart

    • Oscar has been leading social event mapping in NYC, beginning with Washington Square Park in 2011 (the map was featured in our Kickstarter Balloon Kit Rewards), and continuing through Occupy (Brooklyn Bridge marches, and May Day 2012). He has pioneered group assembly of 12" balloons into "octopi rig." He has taught kids kite making and mapping at Beam Camp NH, 2011 & 2012. He is lead designer on interior aerial rig on cable for Pfizer Laboratory event September 1, 2012.
  • Hagit Keysar: I got to know PLOTS work by inviting Jeff W to contribute to the education lab in Mamuta art and media center (which btw, unfortunately closed recently). It inspired me to further develop open-source and DIY activities, particularly aerial photography and mapping, in Jerusalem, with inhabitants in diverse groups and communities who are negotiating their, and others, space in the city. I am currently writing this as a PhD proposal for a practice based research, in the department of Politics and Government in Ben Gurion Uni', investigating the effects and potentials of open-source mapping and image-making practices on the conditions of visibility, movement and the production of knowledge in the city. Finally, how these practices might potentially effect forms of urban resistance and citizenship, particularly in the context of Jerusalem's urban and civic crisis.

    • Nominated by Jeff
      • Jeff: Hagit is an artist and activist in the Jerusalem area who I was lucky to work with (along with Shai Efrati whom i hope to nominate soon!). I have a great deal of respect for her willingness to reach out and try to build trust and collaboration in the Jerusalem area and also for her understanding of mapmaking's political dimensions in that area. seconded by Mathew third by Stewart

July 2012

  • Matthew Xi (

    • Shannon nominating
    • Scott [eustatic] seconds, according to description below
    • Jeff third
    • Matthew and his partner Gwen are currently working on a platform called Rhus that we are hopefully going to use in association with H2S photo strip testing. He is also starting to work with the H2S photo strip test in the Bay area of California with Stewart and has been working with us in Louisiana to figure out good models for testing for H2S in wetlands.
  • Cindy Regalado (

Shannon nominating, seconding: Jeff, third: Pat Cindy is a student at University College London in the Extreme Citizen program that Muki Hakaly runs. Cindy has actively been organizing community members in the Mildmay community of London around use of Public Lab tools (primarily the thermal flashlight and balloon mapping currently). More information about this project can be found here:

  • Ricardo Abad ( Jeff nominating, seconding: Pat, third: Scott Ricardo wrote his own intro: Hey guys, I work for a local NGO in Mato Grosso Brasil and I think it would be awesome to have a mailing list in portuguese. Me and my staff would be happy to moderate it especially if more people would start using balloon mapping to monitor reforestation projects in the Amazon. Our intention is to use the imagery along with data collected on the field to evaluate the success or failure of forest restoration. Although there are many other applications to the ballons, this is the one we want to focus on. Please advise us on how we can kickstart this!

  • Juan Pablo Torrente ( Jeff nominating, second: Shannon, third: Pat Juan is an active kite aerial mapper in Spain who's interested in moderating/leading the spanish language mailing list and potentially helping get the spanish edition of the website back up. He's developed new camera housings and posted his work on the PLOTS site:

  • Ned Horning ( Jeff nominating, seconding: Chris Fastie, third: Shannon Ned is an active balloon/kite/pole mapper from Vermont who has been contributing to the near-infrared imaging project. He is the developer of an open source infrared image processing script/macro which he's been testing with Pat Coyle and Chris Fastie. Ned's bio says: I live and work from a home office in central Vermont but I work for the American Museum of Natural History's Center for Biodiversity and Conservation in New York City. I've been working with remote sensing and GIS for over 25 years and have an interest in photo-monitoring and am a strong proponent of open source software and the citizen science approach to collecting data.

May/June 2012

  • Scott Eustis (nominated by Shannon, second: Jeff, third Liz)
    • Scott works for the Gulf Restoration Network as a Wetlands Specialist. He has been using the aerial mapping tools to lead mapping trips to areas such as Wetland Watchers Park and the Bohemia Spillway, to map areas where they have done wetland plantings and are watching the progression of project sites (such as filling a channel at Bohemia). Scott is an active listserve contributor and interested in IR, spectrometry, water and air quality as it relates to his work in the Gulf Coast. He is resourceful and a great community member-- a request to help find someone that could teach us to build nets and to find a darkroom in New Orleans were both met by him. He is really interested in coming up with creative DIY solutions with Public Lab tools- he showed up yesterday with mesh hampers and clothes bags to try out a housing design for the air column monitor balloon.
  • Hunter Daniels (nominated by Shannon, second: Jeff)
    • Hunter has been working on the Gulf Coast project since a month after the spill, both participating in mappings and leading trips. He consistently is coming up with new ideas for using not only the aerial mapping tool, but new tools such as the time lapse camera. Unfortunately, I (shannon) don't always have time to respond in a constructive manner about projects is is interested in doing and thus think that being on the organizers list would be beneficial for him.
  • Chris Fastie (nom. by Jeff, second Shannon, third Liz)
  • Gabriel Jaime Vanegas (nom by Jeff, second Shannon, third Liz)
    • Gabriel has organized balloon events in Colombia which have been extremely successful ( I think we should try to engage and support overseas and non-English-centric organizers and Gabriel is a good example of this, although I'm not in good contact with him.
  • Jessi Breen (nominated by Adam, second Shannon, third Jeff)
    • Western NC Public Lab member. Has made maps on her own. Has her own KAP rig and is heading to Baltimore to enroll in a structure from motion phd program.
  • Pat Coyle (nominated by Stewart- hey Stu thanks for submitting this, Pat is already on the current "team" list and will be integrated over to the "organizers" list- Shan)
    • through Engineers Without Bordes Pat works abroad in sustainable local community development. In his work with Public Laboratory Pat has gone through the whole development cycle with the map tools. In addition to helping organize events and participating in the research, Pat has presented on behalf of Public Laboratory for various audiences.
  • Gena Wirth (nominated by Liz, seconded by Jeff, third by JenH)
    • Gena has stepped in to organize the first non-staff led Gowanus Mapping event. She is on the board of GCC our local partner. She has experience with both kite and balloon mapping in various locations (Brooklyn, Bronx, Colorado and North Carolina). As a landscape architect she is very interested in species identification from aerial visible and near-infrared imagery by first ground truthing and then creating interpretation guidelines.
  • Lela Prashad (nominated by Liz, second shannon, third by Jeff)
    • Lela has long been part of the crisis mapping community and is now a member of public lab bringing valuable remote sensing skills and invaluable community consciousness. She is also part of the OpenIR project and works with NASA and is currently building a relationship between PLOTS' spectroscopy community and ""scientists"" creating spectrometers for use on the planet Mars. She lives in New York City but works internationally with her mapping company NIJEL and her equally skilled partner JD.
  • Ives Rocha (nominated by Liz, second shannon, third by Jeff)
    • Ives (pronounced Eve-ish) was introduced to public laboratory through the UNICEF sponsored workshop in Rio de Janiero in August 2011. Ives quickly took to the technology and ethic of community creation, and since that time has led balloon mapping workshops around Rio to train other youth to map their own hillside communities. I am nominating him because it is sometimes hard to stay in touch as he works for a busy NGO called CEDAPS. There are at least three people in Rio who are actively using PLOTS tools and I want to encourage a chapter there.
  • Anita Chan (nominated by Sara, seconded by Jeff, third by JenH)
    • Anita started working with Public Lab through balloon mapping with indigenous communities in Peru. She has organized and led multiple mapping missions. She is also interested in spreading the use of the practice among anthropologists. Her academic research is on open source software communities in Peru. I am nominating her as I think the perspective of organizing mapping events outside of the US would be great, and her experience working with and studying open source communities would be beneficial to the evolution of our organization.
  • Michele Tobias (nominated by Shannon, second: Jeff, third by Stewart)
    • Michele came to Public Lab with a wealth of information on very high precision orthoimaging and new and interesting field methods to share. Michele has posted guides to ballooning techniques, amazing hi-res infrared maps, and has helped organize mapping events around Davis, CA.
  • Jen Hudon
    • yes.