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Newark, NJ

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Newark is a wonderful city in the NY/NJ metro region. Some relevant stats about Newark's environmental health include:

  • Newark is the only city in the country that has a Cumulative Impact Ordinance — which means getting more data on more issues is important to enforcement.
  • The City of Newark is under a consent decree to fix the combined sewage overflow problem; if it rains more than 10 minutes, the Ironbound neighborhood floods, and any more than that generates a crisis where people can’t get in or out of the neighborhood.
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Major advocacy points and supporting documentation

2015 and earlier

Public Lab is working with the Green Community Garden, part of the Adopt-A-Lot program of the City of Newark's Office of Sustainability, to establish a model for community garden management through innovative action, monitoring and evaluation. Read more about the grant here.

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Excerpt from mind mapping exercise, February 2014:


August 8, 2015









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