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Various documentation and instructions for the Kits initiative.

Also see Kits Artwork for design files and such!



Spectrometry Kit

Instructions: https://publiclab.org/wiki/desktop-spectrometry-kit-3-0

Question card

kits-question-card.pdf (orig doc)


Tags used in social media (for easy copy pasting):

#diy #science #aerialphotography #balloonmapping #balloon #mapping #kite #kitemapping #environment #providence #kits #citizenscience #communityscience #exploration #activism #pollution #opensource #community #maker #design

Question embeds

To embed a questions grid on a product page on the store, use this code:

<iframe style="border:none;" width="100%" height="900px" src="//publiclab.org/embed/grid/REPLACE?t=questions:"></iframe>

But replace the word REPLACE with the right tagname, like mini-balloon-kit or mini-kite-kit.


Notes on shipping procedures: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19QCghkl9E38w7D2zB_m2clnuDLkHEV35pNaE5nRSh70/edit


Title Author Updated Likes Comments
WHATS THE PRICE OF THE SPECTROMETER 3? @dwhite01 almost 2 years ago 1
Can anyone tell what is wrong with my coqui? @stevie over 2 years ago 14
How do I...place the new webcam @stinge_nz over 3 years ago 14
Do a DVD is provided with the LEGO kit ? ty ! @adamsanta over 3 years ago 1
Since spectrometer webcam kits are sold out, which would work/what would you recommend? @Metamer over 3 years ago 3
buying Infragram filter pack in UK @ruya over 3 years ago 1
What is "immersion oil" for microscopes? @warren over 3 years ago 11
Can these filter packages be adapted to Raspberry Pi cameras? @sjmanosalvas over 3 years ago 3
What are materials we could include in a Kite Making Materials Pack? @warren almost 4 years ago 5
What are some options for copper materials to make a copper plate test kit? @warren almost 4 years ago 3
Does anyone know if a sensor lending library exists? @zengirl2 almost 4 years ago 5
What are design guidelines or constraints we aspire to at Public Lab? @warren almost 4 years ago 1
How big is the filter in the infragram DIY filter pack? @robotfarms about 4 years ago 3
Does anyone know where I can get a new usb connector for my spectrometer 3.0 ? @programmer1200 about 4 years ago 4
What are good sources of cheap bulk giant mylar balloons? @warren about 4 years ago 1
How to build an efficient workflow for small-scale kit manufacturing? @kgradow1 about 4 years ago 1
Where can we bulk purchase new carbon fiber mapping poles? @warren about 4 years ago 1
Assembly completed but the camera doesn't work. @1987123 over 4 years ago 4
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