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Kits Docs

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Various documentation and instructions for the Kits initiative.

Also see Kits Artwork for design files and such!



Spectrometry Kit



Tags used in social media (for easy copy pasting):

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Question embeds

To embed a questions grid on a product page on the store, use this code:

<iframe style="border:none;" width="100%" height="900px" src="//"></iframe>

But replace the word REPLACE with the right tagname, like mini-balloon-kit or mini-kite-kit.


Notes on shipping procedures:


Title Author Updated Likes
What are some options for copper materials to make a copper plate test kit? @warren 8 days ago
Does anyone know if a sensor lending library exists? @Zengirl2 22 days ago
Does anyone know where I can get a new usb connector for my spectrometer 3.0 ? @programmer1200 2 months ago
What are good sources of cheap bulk giant mylar balloons? @warren 2 months ago
How to build an efficient workflow for small-scale kit manufacturing? @kgradow1 2 months ago
Where can we bulk purchase new carbon fiber mapping poles? @warren 4 months ago
Assembly completed but the camera doesn't work. @1987123 5 months ago

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