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Gulf Coast Photography sets to Map

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This list is an outcome of our first Mapknitters meeting in New Orleans, for Public Lab Gulf Coast .

There are plenty of photo sets that have not been mapped, divided into two categories:

Passenger Pigeon photos

---------------------2012 Lac Des Allemands

---------------------Sept 2013 --Mardi Gras Pass update

---------------------Oct 2013 Post Karen GRN flight --terraces --fingers --west bay

Kite and Balloon photos

---------------------Mar 2012 successful map of wetland watchers at spillway

---------------------Oct 2012

Balloon photos of Bienvenue
[add research note link]

---------------------Jan 2013 Kite Photos of Wetland watchers (blurry) no research note flickr page on eustatic

---------------------April 2013 Kite Photos of Bayou St John restoration ("before" map) map made in mapknitter, not exported

---------------------July 2013 Bayou St John Balloon photos --NIR and RGB no research note

---------------------Oct 2013

Bayou St John restoration Kite Photos

Bienvenue Shoreline Balloon Photos. Info is here